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Welcome to Episode 18 of the Unlocking Fitness Podcast.

In this solo episode, I’m asking to get active so you can fully experience the performance value of this little injury hack! 

So, if you’re coaching physical activity of any kind, tune in now to experience it for yourself…

In this episode, you’ll discover:

“The Little Injury Hack That Can Trigger Big Performance Results”

  • Why Applied Variety of Movement is vital for children and adults alike
  • 50 ways to add variety to movement

About Sarah

Sarah J Pitts is an Injury Prevention Specialist and Coach Educator. Here are a few of her accomplishments:

  • founder of mostmotion® and Chief Injury Hacker
  • 2 time Amazon Best Selling author
  • Consultant for UK Coaching on their Health Policy around the issue of Long term Health Conditions
  • Over 30 years’ experience of coaching, treating and observing people with injuries

Resources Mentioned 

50 Ways to Add Variety to Movement Checklist

Mobility vs Injury Hacking blog post

More Information

Learn more about how the work Sarah is doing to help coaches of all sports and levels to get more involved in preventing injuries, you can get her book and training at or join her Facebook group at

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