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Lie #1: Mobility Needs Dedicated Time

Mobility is easy to fit into your day when you don’t have to carry specialist equipment around with you to do it!


Lie #2: Pain is Good

“If it hurts it needs doing” is often an idea used in mobility, but bodies don’t like pain! Keep your efforts pain-free to enjoy real progress!


Lie #3: The Symptom is the Problem

All too often the focus of mobility training is the area of pain or tightness, but in most cases, this means that the true cause of the problem is missed.


Lie #4: You Need Knowledge

Many forms of mobility require you to have at least a basic understanding of anatomy to get good results, but with Wiggling all you need to know is if it feels right or not!


What is “Wiggling”?

Wiggling is a brand new form of mobility training that takes a little bit of science and a whole lot of nature to enable you to fix (and prevent) you own injuries, quickly and easily.

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