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When you’re training consistently, taking a day off can seem odd and all too often triathletes put extra training sessions on those days rather than resting.

If athletes don’t like doing nothing, then perhaps a different approach might work?


Nature is always looking for balance and training is no different, unfortunately there’s work, family and a whole load of other things to consider too. If work is stressful, then training is hard, then a family member is ill, or you’re moving house or money is short, then all these things add up to an unbalanced day.

So, what if your training and resting reflected the intensity of everything else in your day?

If you’ve had a tough day at work, only train at an intensity that allows you to be active but come away feeling refreshed. If work was good, push it hard in your training.

With practice you would instinctively know what your body needs, and a complete day off from training might not be so necessary. Besides, what’s the good of having a day off from training if it’s stressful anyway?


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