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When I’m trying to describe to folks what I do, I’ve tried using the titles; Movement Therapist, Mobility Coach, Soft-Tissue Therapist, Personal Trainer and many more, but now, when people ask, I say this:

I’m a Muscle Tightness Specialist.

You see muscle tightness is the thing that underpins all of the titles I just described.

Yes, all of those titles apply to me, but that not really what we’re dealing with here…it’s just muscle tightness.

I believe that muscle tightness is the underlying cause of all non-traumatic injuries and creates all technique problems.

Many times I’m asked if there is any data to back up this and my other, non-conventional claims and each time I have to say no.


Because muscle tightness itself doesn’t show up on scans or x-rays and our standard testing protocols are only testing for the symptom.

Take asthma for example.

The standard test for asthma is to measure lung volume by breathing out as hard and as fast as possible through a device called a peak flow metre. This device will give a number. The higher the number, the better.

Low numbers in this test indicate that the individual cannot bring a lot of air into his/her lungs, or breathe it out.

Classic asthma symptoms are a tightness in the chest, struggling to breathe and coughing. These symptoms are very likely to produce a low result in the peak flow test.

But what if the problem was easier to fix than with drugs?

I know in some cases that won’t be possible, because some individuals do need the treatment that the medical profession provides, but what about the thousands of people who only have mild symptoms?

What if it was muscle tightness that was holding the ribs up for too long on each breath? Then you’d have trouble breathing out.

What if it was the muscle tightness around the ribcage that was limiting the ability of the ribs to swing in and out (which is what you need for your lungs to fill fully)?

Muscle tightness is the little thing that most people overlook and yet causes the most problems.

And that’s why, my sole focus is helping folks to eliminate as much of it as possible, so they can enjoy an injury free, stress free, active life, long into their elderly years!

In an exceptionally mild way, most people carry a tightness around their ribcages, which is why this week I started my “Free Fitness Challenge”.

It’s not something that has you leaping about and sweating, it’s about finding ways to loosen the ribs and give yourself the ability to transport more oxygen with a single breath – which will increase your fitness!

The challenge is completely FREE!  Each day for 5 days I’ll be going LIVE in our little Wiggle family Facebook group at 12pm to show you your move for the day. All you have to do is do the movement at some point in the following 24 hours and comment on the post WHERE you did your Wiggle!

Everyone who comments on the post (pictures and videos earn extra points) for the full 5 days will get a FREE copy of my book and each of these names will be put into a draw to win a FREE 30 minute consultation with me!

So come on over and join us in our little Wiggle family group and get started on your challenge today!

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