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Caroline was training for Ironman UK. The race was a couple of months away but she had a major calf problem and needed a fast solution.


She was struggling to run more than 30 minutes and had to figure out how to balance dealing with this issue and her heavy training schedule so she could take part in the race .


The problem was she had no clue how to keep running without pain and just the thought of having to walk or even pull out of the race entirely was enough to drive her to the point of tears.


To make things even worse, she had actually tried loads of different treatment methods before but was still struggling with this same issue. She was frustrated and impatient, and she really felt like she was never going to find a solution to this calf pain.


But, after speaking to some friends, and out of sheer desperation, she came to see me.


Luckily, I was able to identify the cause of the problem quickly, and dealing directly with the cause of her pain, not the symptoms, made her pain disappear a LOT quicker.


In fact, here are some of the details of what happened next…


I identified that her lack of spinal rotation, stiffness through her core and tight adductors (inner thigh muscles) were causing a compression of the vertebrae in her lower spine which was squashing some nerves, creating excessive tension in her leg muscles.


This was compounded by the fact that her thigh bones had rotated inwards, and as a compensation, her body had turned her shin bones outwards to keep her feet straight.


This was pulling the calf into a sustained lengthened position which was having to work too hard during her run, and was simply exhausted.


That’s why she had calf pain.


I gave her a programme of exercises to do every day at home to deal with the spinal compression, the internal rotation of her thigh bone and the twist in her knee.


Within a week, her pain was gone and within a couple of weeks she was back to running properly.


And since I never actually dealt directly with her calf, she thought I was some sort of crazy witch, dealing in some kind of weird magic!


She went from frustrated and impatient with no clue how to balance her injuries and heavy training schedule to over the moon and confident in her running.


She successfully completed her race without pain and she even said that her running felt easier than ever.


And all this in less than 30 days!


Now, what does this mean to you? Simple!


It means I can and will show you how to get those same results for yourself, no matter how desperate your circumstances may seem right now.


I’ll show you exactly what I did to get these results and, more importantly, how to get those results for yourself!


First of all, we need to know if any/how many of these issues are affecting you. Take my FREE Injury Predictor Assessment to find out. Once we know what we’re really dealing with, fixing it is a LOT easier.

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