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Pretty much everyone I’ve ever met who loves sports and/or fitness struggles with (or has struggled with) tight hamstrings. It’s massively common problem and folks seem to suffer for AGES with it.
The common solution is to try to stretch out the hamstrings.
There’s lots of legs out straight and leaning forward, whether its in a standing, or seated position.
But this is rarely a successful strategy, long term.
Because the hamstring tightness isn’t the CAUSE of the problem. The hamstring tightness is the SYMPTOM of a restriction elsewhere in the body.
Here’s how following my “Big 6” strategy will give your the very best chance of getting rid of your persistent hamstring tightness for good:
1. Spine – Compression at the base of the spine, from all the sitting we do, compresses the nerves that feed the hamstrings which triggers muscle tightness
2. Adductors – Tight adductors create an inward rotation of the thigh bone which pulls the hamstrings into a lengthened position, creating tension
3. Hip Flexors – Tight hip flexors tilt the pelvis forward, which tilts the tail bone (and the hamstring attachments) upwards, creating length and tension in the hamstrings
4. Knees – Any joint position change in the knee will affect the hamstrings, especially a sustained twist or restricted distance between the bones.
5. Ankles/Feet – Restricted ankle movement creates tension in the calf, which alters the knee joint function, which in turn impacts the hamstrings
6. Ribcage – Restricted movement around the ribcage creates increased tension around the spine and into the core area. If the core doesn’t move, the hip flexors and adductors must work harder.
So you can see, by dealing with the my Big 6 areas first, we can lessen the tightness in the hamstrings, then if they are still struggling, we can move in to deal with them directly – which, by then, will give us the very best results possible.
I hear loads of people say how they “do the mobility” yet it just doesn’t seem to work – but there’s a BIG difference between doing SOME mobility and doing SPECIFIC mobility.
When you understand why the problem you’re having is there, it’s MUCH easier to deal with it.
And I’ll let you into a little secret…dealing with the Big 6 first, will put you leaps and bounds ahead – whatever your issue.
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