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As human beings, everything we do is governed by reason. It’s not that we think logically through everything we do, it’s just that we need a reason to do things.
Scientists call this teleonomics.
This phenomenon drives everything from what we do in our daily lives right down to why our bodies function the way they do. Let’s face it, if there’s something a living being doesn’t need in its body, evolution gets rid of it.
For example, species of fish and reptiles that live in the dark have lost the ability to see.
And when it comes to dealing with aches and pains that don’t really stop us doing anything, the need to do something about it isn’t strong enough for us to act, so we don’t.
The thing is though, if we did do something about it, those aches and pains would go away – and we’re smart enough to know this, yet we still don’t take action so our aches and pains linger until they become irritating enough for us to do something about them.
Since we already know that taking action earlier to deal with our issues is both quicker and easier than leaving them to fester, the best way to push ourselves to take action is to give ourselves a reason to do it.
And one of the strongest influences on our instincts is social interaction.
So, my #1 Quick Start Tip for getting fast results with your mobility is to do it with a friend.
When friends get involved you can support each other through the tough times, encourage each other to do more – and even have bragging rights over who did the most!
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