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Hey, Sensei Sarah here with another Incredible Insights episode for every Personal Trainer who wants to boost their business but struggles to figure out how to step their game up a notch!

I get it.

There comes a point in every Personal Trainer’s career when they want to take things up a level. Mine has been no exception.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is online, offline, brand new or well-established. We’re all striving to be our best, which means constant levelling up.

We can go down the education route… I did that when I did my Masters degree in Sports Injury – and when I became a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Functional movement specialist, Sports Injury therapist… and many more besides.

We can do down the experience route… I did that when I blended my learning with my experience of working with patients to create a new and much simpler way of dealing with injuries.

And we can go down the route of learning new skills… I did that when I took my business online.

But there’s one thing that all these routes have in common… they are all about US.

And while I might do a great job of levelling up my own skills, knowledge and experience, it doesn’t always translate into more business.

Why is that?

Because we’re usually focused on what we can do to help our clients… which usually means focusing on what they NEED.

The problem is though, that people don’t buy what they NEED – they buy what they WANT, so if we want to boost our businesses, the best thing we can do is give our clients what they want at every stage.

I call this “upgrading your client experience”.

But that can be super hard to do when they don’t tell you what they want!

It’s not that they do it on purpose… it’s just that most people don’t even know what they want until they see it… which makes your job all the more difficult and can make you think that you have to be some kind of mind-reader.

It sounds impossible, but wouldn’t that be cool if you could anticipate what your clients want – and deliver it before they’ve even realised that they want it?

Well, you can… in less time than you think… and it might not even cost you a bean!

The fastest way to get inside your customer’s heads is to get another set of eyeballs on your products and services from someone who understands what you’re trying to achieve from a business standpoint and who also understands who your customers are and how they feel about their current situation – a “client experience assessment” if you will.

Most trainers spend years (some even decades) and thousands on levelling up their own knowledge and skills yet they struggle to put themselves in their clients’ shoes because they’re too close to the situation.

And many more don’t even consider the business benefits of having someone else look at their stuff from a customer point of view… and I get that… it can feel quite intrusive… like you’re baring your soul for someone to pick holes in… but it’s not like that, I promise!

In case it’s not obvious to you either, here are 5 ways “upgrading your client experience” can boost your fitness business:

  1. Better communication – when you know what your clients really want it’s much easier to explain how your products and services will help them, which makes it much easier for them to make their buying decision.
  2. Increase desire – Knowing what your clients want makes it really easy to put all the elements in your offer that are super attractive to them, which makes them want your products and services more.
  3. More clients getting better results – when you know how your clients communicate, it makes it easier for you to give them what they need – in the format they need it, to get the results they want. This gives you social proof, which drives more sales.
  4. Increase trust & loyalty – when you create an amazing client experience (giving your clients more of what they want), you increase the likelihood of them buying from you over and over again.
  5. Establish authority – when the word gets out that you know how to get results, more opportunities to grow your business will come your way from outside sources.

And with a client experience assessment, you can have all this in as little as an hour.

But do you remember how I said that it might not cost you a bean?

Well if you’re lucky enough to watching this during our YouTube competition, then you have the chance of winning one of these assessments for free!

All you have to do is subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow the link to the contest details – and voila! You’re in!

The contest is running from today (4th September 2023) to Friday 29th September. There’s daily prizes to be won and the overall winner will be announced on Monday 2nd October.

So, if you want to be in with a chance of winning, follow the link to the contest.

I’m so excited for this!

There’s even an opportunity to help your friends get in on the action too!

That’s all I have for today, I’m Sensei Sarah, thanks for watching… and good luck!

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