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If you’re one of those emotionally invested personal trainers who really wants to know how to make a reliable income from training people, then here is a secret list you need to know.

The point here is: Finding More Ways For Existing Clients To Buy From You Is Easier Than Convincing New People To Pay You In The First Place.

The main idea with this is if you’re only offering training plans, creating a sustainable and satisfying PT business is almost impossible.

What’s important about this is that if your training plan is the only thing clients can pay you for, you’ll end up resenting the job you love when it’s not as successful as you imagined – even though it’ll break your heart.

Everyone needs to understand this is key because it’s the difference between you becoming just another failed PT statistic and not.

Secret # 1 – Your Training Plan Is Just The Start

Most trainers think that getting people to pay them for their training plan, services or time is the end goal but the reality is that if this is the only thing you offer, your clients will eventually drop off when the inevitable nagging injuries associated with being active kick in

Secret # 2 – People Will Do Anything To Keep Their Hard Earned Gains

Once your clients have started to feel successful with you and your training, the fear of losing those gains will drive them to hide their aches and pains from you and avoid getting treatment, which means that they’ll push themselves to breaking point before saying anything – leaving it way too late for you to do anything about it.

Secret # 3 – Success Is In The Follow-Up

Expanding your business to include optional extras centred around KEEPING your clients training is not only good business for you (more money, better results), but also gives your clients more of what they want, meaning that they are happy to pay you more!

At this point you should definitely stop thinking of your training plan as the end goal and start thinking of it as just the beginning of your business empire!.

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