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If you care (even a little bit) about your clients’ results, you’re an emotionally invested Personal Trainer.

And you want to feel successful in that role, right? 

Well, make sure you don’t miss a single second of what I’m about to say because it can help you finally break free of the hidden chains that have been holding you back (probably without you even knowing it!)… 

So, what are the top questions? 

Question #1 – What Is My Value?

Most trainers think that finding great clients is up to Lady Luck but the reality is that these trainers simply don’t see their own value. If you can’t see your own strengths, you can’t find people who VALUE those strengths so you’ll end up attracting those who don’t… and working with those kinds of people makes YOU feel like crap. 

Question #2 – What Are My Clients Hiding?

Most trainers think that clients who are lacking motivation or who don’t seem to want to do the work, or simply keep sabotaging their own gains just don’t have the right mindset but in most cases there’s an underlying, old, forgotten injury that simply won’t allow them to do more.
When our bodies feel uncomfortable or uncertain, our minds become indecisive… and that usually results in no action or poor decision making.
If you care (even a little bit) about your clients’ results, working with clients like this is immensely frustrating because it turns potentially great clients into crappy ones. 

Question #3 – Why is Emotional Stress the Biggest Risk Factor For My Business?

Emotional stress is the biggest risk factor for sports injury and if you’re one of those trainers who is relying on your own health to earn your money, then working with crappy clients is a sure-fire way to risk your entire PT business.

When you’re hurt, you can’t work… and when your clients are hurt, they stop training with you which is a lose/lose situation.

Injury Hacking gives you the skills to reduce both emotional and physical stress for you and your clients, so you can finally enjoy the kind of PT career you envisaged before you qualified!

So, here’s how to move forward from here:

  • 1. If you want to feel valued as a PT then you must first understand what your strengths are (and then find people who value them)
  • 2. If you want to turn flaky clients into great ones, you must deal with the underlying physical restrictions that are driving their poor behaviours
  • 3. If you want to enjoy a long career in PT you cannot rely on hope that you won’t get injured

The bottom line here is that you CAN break the hidden chains that are holding you back without having to feel emotionally and physically burned out.

So, if you’re committed to turbocharging this process, do yourself a favour and grab a copy of my book “Unlocking Fitness – Part 1: Mental & Physical Health Decoded“… (in particular pages 50-58), so you can easily experience true freedom as a PT, doing what you love, without having to feel emotionally and physically burned out.

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