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It kind of goes with the territory that Personal Trainers want to put the “personal” into their clients’ training… and as introverts we can lean hard into that idea.

Many trainers believe that creating a great client experience is enough to help them attract more clients and be successful as a trainer.

But let’s just take a second to think about what that client experience really means…

When the average person hears “client experience,” they might think of the overall quality of service they receive when dealing with a company or organisation.

When introverted Personal Trainers hear the word “client experience”, we tend to think of how to create a customised, positive experience for our clients.

We likely think of providing a personalised, tailored experience to our clients that puts their needs at the forefront. We may also think of taking the time to get to know our clients, understanding their goals and motivations, and developing a programme that meets their individual needs. In addition, we may think of going the extra mile to make our clients feel valued and appreciated, such as offering rewards for reaching goals or recognising progress along the way.

However, we may also think of having to put in a massive amount of effort to make sure that our client experience is unique and valuable, having to be available for our clients at all times, and having to put in extra time and energy to make sure our clients are happy… all of which can be exhausting and none of it helps us to earn more money!

Here are a few ideas to consider about the experience you create for your clients that will help you to make more money doing what you love, particularly if you are looking to provide a special and significant service that your clients are truly passionate about.

  1. Clear Communication – This starts from before your clients have even met you and can be such a relief from the endless websites, descriptions, and qualification lists that all sound pretty much the same.
  2. Set Expectations – Knowing what your clients can expect from you and what you expect of them can eliminate misunderstanding, disappointment, and frustration.
  3. Offer Choice – This simple thing can turn your clients’ worry that they are letting you down and their fear of failure, into positivity, self-belief, and progress.
  4. Celebrate Progress – Making your clients’ experience with you more fun is a great way to help them stick to their goals, achieve more, AND have them rave about how great you are to everyone who will listen!
  5. Go Above & Beyond – Eliminating problems and removing friction is a super powerful way to enhance your clients’ experience with you

Here’s the bottom line for you:

Done right, creating an amazing client experience at every stage of their fitness journey is a powerful secret weapon for introverted Personal Trainers to offer a meaningful and valuable service to more people – and make more money doing it. If you’re still wondering how these client experiences will help you make more money without resorting to sleazy or manipulative selling tactics, check out this episode of Sensei Sarah’s Incredible Insights and all will be revealed!

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