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Reaching new clients as a Personal Trainer is undoubtedly hard work, especially when you’re an introvert like us. Putting yourself out there and promoting your own skills can be quite uncomfortable. However, there is one colossal mistake that can completely derail your business if you overlook it – failing to define your ideal customer profile clearly.

When you’re not crystal clear on who you’re trying to attract, your message falls on deaf ears, making it incredibly difficult to gain new clients. This means that all the effort you put into things like writing blogs, creating videos, and posting on social media won’t yield the results your expertise deserves.

It can be frustrating when your hard work goes unnoticed, and even if people do see your content, they may not convert into paying customers. Wouldn’t it be great if your efforts were rewarded and you could stop feeling like you’re hitting a brick wall?

So, what exactly do I mean by “not defining your ideal customer profile clearly enough”? It’s not simply about characteristics like where they live or how much money they earn. Those are just faceless numbers that help with targeted advertising. What matters more is their psychographics – how they feel and what they think.

Imagine stumbling upon a post online that says, “Are you a woman in your forties with 2.4 kids, earning X amount per year, who loves running?” Would you relate to it? Even though it could be me (without the kids), personally, I’d be sceptical and probably think it was spam!

Instead, defining your ideal customer, or Avatar as it’s often referred to, should delve into how they feel about their situation. For example, your ideal customer may be a woman in her 40s, juggling the demands of her family and career, and using running as a way to decompress and gain some much-needed personal time.

Put yourself in her shoes for a moment. How would you feel if you saw something online that spoke to the feeling of freedom and space you experience while running outdoors? I bet you’d be much more intrigued. I know I would!

As introverts, we have a unique ability to empathise and connect with others on a profound level. But did you know that failing to humanise and describe how your ideal customer feels about their situation is the root cause of all the other problems you might encounter in your business?

So, take the time to define your ideal customer profile with an emphasis on their emotions, and watch as your marketing efforts become more resonant and compelling. You deserve to see your hard work pay off.

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