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Are you a Personal Trainer trying to make more money? You might be surprised to learn that it’s not the price tag you put on your services that’s holding you back. Instead, it’s your internal beliefs about money itself, which might be keeping you from reaching your full potential.

Hey, I’m Sensei Sarah and I’m here with another Incredible Insights episode for every Personal Trainer who wants to make more money doing what they love without feeling selfish or greedy

Personal trainers just like you are making remarkable strides in their careers by resetting their relationship with money. By adopting a new perspective, they have unlocked their true earning potential. It’s time for you to experience the same!

It’s a common misconception that the price you charge for your services directly reflects your worth as a personal trainer. But today we’re going to challenge this belief.

The problem is that money is such an emotive topic… often entangled by internal silent beliefs that were created in us as children.

I grew up in Yorkshire here in the UK where talking about money isn’t really socially acceptable and if you’re going to get someone from Yorkshire to part with their hard-earned cash – it better be a great product at an even better price!

A critical step towards maximising your income is to let go of limiting beliefs. The power of your mindset has a direct impact on your financial prosperity. When you embrace a mentality that reflects the true value you bring to your clients and the positive change you make in their lives, you’ll be amazed at how much more money flows your way.

Let’s take a moment now to reflect on your own attitude towards money.

Some of the most common deep-rooted stories that we tell ourselves are:

  1. Money is evil or corrupt – This stems from the idea that making money is done at the expense of others or that somehow it’s immoral. The truth is that money is just a tool that can be used in good or bad ways.
  2. Money is something to be ashamed of – Lots of people feel embarrassed about their financial situation, whether they have very little or loads. But money is just one area of our lives and there’s no shame in admitting when we need help or support (which easily apply when we make a lot and don’t know what to do with it).
  3. Making money is greedy – Some people view making money as selfish or greedy but when it comes to your Personal Training services, you’re actually helping people get better results when they PAY you than if you were to give them your services for free… and sometimes the more you charge, the more focused they become on getting the results!
  4. Money is a limited resource – This belief reflects a scarcity mindset but the reality is that while some people don’t have much money, others have an abundance… and this will always be the case no matter what they tell you on the news. The world could be going through an economic crisis but I can guarantee that if you head to your local shopping centre you’ll find plenty of people spending money.
  5. Money is the root of all problems – Money can certainly cause stress and conflict but it’s not the root of all our problems. Of course, if you don’t have any, money can be tied to a lot of your problems but it’s not money itself that is the real problem in this situation, it’s the fact that you haven’t figured out how to make more of it yet.

When you’re in a paid job, there’s a limit to how much you can get paid but there’s no limit to how much you can earn as an individual.

Can you recognise yourself in any of these limiting beliefs? If you did, that’s ok because being aware of these internal roadblocks is the first step towards a successful transformation.

Changing the stories we tell ourselves about money will bring you more confidence and assertiveness when it comes to conversations about money with clients and achieving the earnings you truly want.

It’s time to break free from the chains of self-doubt and unleash your true earning potential. Embrace a mindset that aligns with your true worth as a personal trainer. Believe in yourself, demonstrate your value, and success will undoubtedly follow. You are worth it!

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Thanks for watching, I’m Sensei Sarah and I’ll see you on the next episode.

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