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Being on social media as an introvert can feel a bit daunting, or even a little bit sick, so here are some tips to help you establish a solid online presence while staying true to your personality and comfort zone.

1. Find your ideal platform: It’s crucial to align yourself with a platform that resonates with your personality and preferences. Facebook is ideal for engaging in extensive conversations, Instagram focuses on visual content, and YouTube and TikTok thrive on videos.

Additionally, consider the delivery method you feel most comfortable with. If you prefer written content, platforms like Medium would suit you well. Alternatively, if you lean towards audio content, ensure your presence on major podcasting channels.

Remember, the key is not to be present on every platform but instead to focus your efforts where you feel most at ease. Chances are, your target audience will also be active on those specific platforms, allowing you to direct them towards your main content through other channels.

2. Share posts you enjoy: As personal trainers, it goes without saying that exercise is something you genuinely enjoy. Therefore, search for captivating posts related to exercise and share your thoughts, both positive and negative. Your distinctive opinions will set you apart from the crowd and attract individuals who resonate with your mindset.

3. Humanise yourself: While it may feel easy to discuss work-related matters on social media, remember that your clients also want to know you as a person. I must admit that this can be a challenging aspect of social media, but showcasing your personality beyond your professional persona is rewarding.

4. Create a social calendar: Planning your posts in advance can make a world of difference for introverts like us. Even if it’s just deciding the type of content you’ll share, having a social calendar will alleviate the pressures of constant ideation and streamline your posting process.

5. Schedule posts: Scheduling posts offers numerous benefits to your business. Personally, living in the UK presents time difference problems, which can affect creativity and content creation. By creating and scheduling posts in advance, I ensure that my best content is released when the majority of my audience is awake, allowing me to engage effectively.

6. Ask questions: Introverts possess a unique ability to ask insightful questions, which can relieve the pressure of constantly generating content for social media. Most introverted trainers overlook the fact that many others jump straight into “problem-solving” mode. Taking the time to ask probing questions demonstrates our care, attention to detail, and extensive knowledge, setting us apart from the competition on social media.

7. When in doubt, write first, post later: Throughout my life, I’ve always found solace in pen and paper – a truth that remains even today, though I primarily type nowadays. Trying to go live without detailed notes proved ineffective for me, as my thought process takes time, often causing me to forget important points. Now, I prefer to prepare everything in advance.

Preparing written drafts gives me the confidence to deliver content in any format that suits the platform. An added benefit is that live videos can be recorded and posted at a later time, accommodating any adjustments or edits.

To summarise, these are the seven ways by which introverted personal trainers can comfortably conquer social media. I believe integrating these tips into your social media strategy will undoubtedly enhance your online presence and connect you with your target audience more authentically.

I hope you find these insights valuable for your journey on social media. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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