The SPGs That Are Secretly Sabotaging Your Performance (part 2)

The SPGs That Are Secretly Sabotaging Your Performance (part 2)
It’s widely accepted these days that a lack of hip extension leads to a poor sporting performance. It’s caused by excessive sitting, driving, cycling, squatting, deadlifting and more, causing all sorts of technique issues in sport. Not to mention the lack of power and glute activation.
But there’s one secret technique that you can use to unwind your hip tightness and that’s spinal rotation.
It sounds crazy doesn’t it?
Try it for yourself and see.
In standing, put one foot in front of the other. Keeping your legs straight (or at least your back leg) and your body upright, rotate your upper body towards your front leg.
Can you feel a stretch in your hip flexors? From there just move around gently to see if you can loosen it off.
Combining the hip extension and spinal rotation like this, you’ll not only improve your hip extension (which allows the glutes to fire, giving you more power and speed), but also improves spinal rotation.
Why is spinal rotation so important?
When the spine is restricted in its movement, it sends a bit of an alarm signal to the rest of the body, putting it in a state of alertness that increases muscle tension throughout the whole body.
It can also create personality changes like a lack of patience, an inability to sit still (without occupying the mind), irritability and much more.
It’s the second of the three problem areas in the body that I call Secret Performance Gremlins (SPGs) because they’re pain free and can be around for many years before any symptoms start to occur, and even then those symptoms are nowhere near the SPG itself.
Movement is the ONLY mobility method that is capable of reaching the places deep inside the body that others simply can’t, and challenging the body to release areas of muscles that others simply can’t.
Can you imagine trying to foam roll to get the same results here?
Doing different things all at once with different joints in the body is perfectly normal for your brain and is a HUGELY overlooked area of mobility – and that’s exactly why my work is based on that very fact (and a few more).
Lower back pain is one of the common symptoms created by poor spinal rotation and if you’re suffering, you can grab my FREE 5 Video Back Pain Solution Playlist here

2 thoughts on “The SPGs That Are Secretly Sabotaging Your Performance (part 2)”

  • I do believe those nasty little Gremlins have been lurking in my body for a long time. I really identify with this article.
    But trying to rid my body of these horrid things by doing spinal rotations, ITBand and lots more videos. My hips are so much looser. Its wonderful. Still working on underneath the ankle, the peroneals and deep in the glutes.
    Stubborn but Out, out they go!
    Thanks Sarah for helping me so much

    • Lesley that’s great! I’m so pleased you’re making progress. You’re right, they’re stubborn little buggers those SPG’s but once you know they’re there…

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