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If you’re an introverted Personal Trainer who is serious about helping your clients change their lives through fitness, then this Top Tactic is for you!

Most trainers think that motivation is purely a mental attitude, but it’s not.

Those trainers think that it’s what they SAY that counts… it isn’t… it’s what our clients BELIEVE.

And of course, the more engrained those beliefs are, the harder it can be to change them.

And if we can’t change the beliefs that are holding our clients back, then we’ll struggle to help them achieve the results they want.

So, our first job is to understand what created those beliefs in the first place.

Then we can be more effective in our strategy…

Here’s my 4E’s of Belief Creation based on decades of working with clients – especially those with chronic, low-level pain:

1 – Experience.

This is particularly important when it comes to old injury problems.

Let’s say your client had a back problem 20 years ago, maybe they never really think about it anymore.

But the body never forgets. The experience of that pain – even though it was so long ago – will still cause the brain to protect the area because the instinct to avoid pain is so strong.

And while the brain is “protecting”, it’s stiffening the area which causes movement adaptations and puts extra pressure on other areas of the body… which increases the risk of injury to those areas.

(This is why a previous injury is one of the leading causes of more injury.)

Our clients’ previous experience of pain sets their…

2 – Expectation

While the brain is in “protection” mode, it’s not allowing the free movement of joints, which makes our clients feel like it’s harder to do the things they used to.

And the more times they experience pain while moving, the smaller these expectations are because our clients simply expect the pain to come when they move.

Over time, this leads to our clients resigning themselves to the fact that they can’t do certain things anymore.

This is when their belief becomes…

3 – Embedded

This is when repeated exposure to the same outcome creates a belief so strong that it prevents your clients from achieving the results they want.

It’s nothing to do with how much they want it, or how much willpower they have. It’s all down to the experiences they’ve had before which have now set their expectations.

And this doesn’t just happen with physical injury, it can be someone telling them they’re not good enough, or people around them not believing they can achieve what they set out to.

When the same things keep happening, we start to believe that they are true.

That’s why we get clients who don’t fulfil their potential…

4 – Execution

Clients who have had repeated exposure to the same poor experiences in their lives will expect less of themselves, and can even result in self-sabotaging behaviours.

They will create excuses. They will look like they’re not committing to the programme (despite your best efforts).

Many trainers would refuse to work with these kinds of clients, or lower their own expectations of that client can achieve… but this only serves to reinforce the restricting belief!

The Kick-Ass solution is to help our clients create NEW experiences that PROVE to our clients’ brains that they don’t need to protect anymore.

When that happens, you’ll be able to help your clients achieve more than they ever thought possible… without ever having to know anything about the injury or emotional trauma that your clients might have been through in the past!

These days, it’s difficult to find a client who hasn’t experienced some kind of back problem in their lives (or won’t in the future).

That’s why I created the Back Pain Buster! Success Map & Training Bundle, which gives you all the tools you need to give your clients a BRAND NEW experience of moving, which will help them form more positive beliefs and therefore achieve more they thought possible.

You can grab your FREE copy at

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