The REAL Secret to Motivated Fitness Clients?

The REAL Secret to Motivated Fitness Clients?
The REAL Secret to Motivated Clients?

The REAL Secret to Motivated Clients?Watch this video to discover the real secret to motivated clients and when you're done, get your FREE copy of my upcoming book here: BEFORE ANYONE ELSE to discover more about the "Eyes, Ears, Ask, Give" formula so you can easily spot potential injuries BEFORE they become painful AND help your clients move beyond those problems that they can't quite put their fingers on!#motivation #motivated #takeaction #results #realresults #getresults #naturalresults #resultsmatter #betterresults #mobility #mobilitytraining #emobility #mobilitywork #injuryprevention #injurypreventiontraining #fitnesscoach #fitnesscoaching #fitnesscoaches #sportscoach #sportscoaching #personaltrainer #personaltrainers #personaltrainerlife #personaltraining

Posted by Most Motion on Monday, 14 September 2020

Prefer to read? Here’s the transcription of the video:

The Real Secret to Motivated Clients? Hey, I’m Sarah from mostmotion® and I’m here with another video for every sports and fitness coach who wants to increase their clients’ results and decrease the amount of injuries that they have as well. So what is the secret to increasing your clients’ motivation? Well, really all you’ve got to do is make it as simple as possible for clients to move forward. What does that mean? It means removing all the problems, all the obstacles, all the roadblocks, barriers, call them what you like, whatever it is that’s in their head. That’s making it feel difficult to do whatever it is that you want them to do. An example would be like, I absolutely hate running. . I’d much rather be in the swimming pool. That’s not really possible right now. So if I have to motivate myself to go for a run, then I will choose a route that has options in it.

And I will tell myself, as I set off, I’m only just going to do the short route. Well, then it’s done. And then when I get to the point where I have to choose, I can reassess how I feel. And then if I want to do a longer route, usually by the time you’re out and running already, then you don’t mind doing a bit more. And that helps to motivate me because it makes it feel easier for me to do that thing that I really hate doing. . And when it comes to your clients, oftentimes there’s barriers in the head there’s just problems that they’re seeing or feeling that they’re not actually telling you about. . And that makes it difficult to try and motivate them if they don’t know what the problem is, and you don’t really know what the problem is, because it’s not something that you can fix easily.

But I have a unique strategy that I use that I call “Eyes, Ears, Ask, Give”. Now I don’t really have time to go into that right now, but I’ve explained it all in my upcoming book “The Coaches Guide to Long-Term Injury Prevention Success”, and it’s almost finished. I’m very excited. It’s almost finished, but you can grab your FREE copy before everybody else. Hey, Darren. If you just use the link in the description, you can grab that. You can learn that secret formula that will help to pull that motivation out of your client because you’re making it super simple for them to get results. So thanks for watching. Make sure you click the link in the description. If you like this video, click the likes, click the hearts, shares all that kind of stuff. Thanks for watching. And I’ll see you again, next time.

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