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Three Rookie Motivation Mistakes That Most Fitness Coaches Make. Hey, I’m Sarah from mostmotion® and I’m here with another video for every sports and fitness coach who wants to help their clients achieve more, do more, get better results and feel great doing it. So what are the three rookie mistakes? Well, the first one is that rookie coaches think that coaching and motivating people is all about the coaching plan. And it isn’t, it’s not about the training plan at all. Experienced coaches know that in order to motivate somebody, Hey, Steve, that you need to remove the obstacles that are getting in their way. So they might be mental. It might be emotional. It might be physical, but we need to remove the obstacles to help them move forward. When I was 18, I went to university studying teaching because I wanted to be a physical education teacher and they sent me out on teaching practice and I used to hate it when you’d get those girls in your PE class that just didn’t want to be there, they’d forget their kit.

And they do all these things. And I would really think that I couldn’t give somebody the motivation to do something. If they had it, I was happy to help, but I felt like I couldn’t give them that motivation, but I was coming at it from the wrong angle. I was thinking that it was their responsibility to be motivated when really it’s my job as a coach to take away as many of those obstacles as possible. And one of the reasons why we don’t take away as many obstacles as possible is the second rookie mistake, which is relying on what our clients tell us. And oftentimes they will say things I didn’t sleep very well last night or work is very busy and things like that. And as coaches, we feel like there’s not that much we can do after all. We can’t go to somebody’s house and make them sleep better.

But experience coaches know that looking for clues that their body is giving, regardless of what the client is saying, can help give us more information about what’s happening with the body. And a good example of this is a tightness around the spine. If the spine isn’t moving very well, it creates an agitation, the body which stops people relaxing. So if they can’t relax, then they can’t sleep very well. So if your client is telling you that they can’t sleep very well, it’s your job as a coach to do as much as you possibly can with their body, their movement to enable that relaxation to happen so that they can sleep better. They will be more motivated to do your program when that happens. But the third rookie mistake is to focus on the sport or the activity that you’re coaching rather than your client’s capabilities of their body to move in those ways in the first place.

So if you know that your client’s ability to move without pain, without restriction, without tightness anywhere is the underlying factor in your clients being able to do the sport that you want them to do, then focusing on the body rather than the sport or the activity will give you the results out of your sport and activity that you’re looking for. You just need to focus your attention on the joints, allow them to be able to move in lots of different ways, and that will help to get you the results. It will help to give you the client’s motivation that you’re looking for. But this leads to a huge mistake that a lot of coaches are making regardless of their experience. And that is they think they need to spend ages on mobility to try and open the bodies out. And that’s just not true at all.

So in my upcoming book, I have outlined the five steps that all fitness coaches can take to motivate their clients to prevent injury and to get better fitness results without having to dedicate any time to mobility. And this book is entirely FREE, and you can get it first with the link in the description, just click the link in the description, sign up. You’re going to get some awesome unannounced bonuses just for being among the first people to get the book. So make sure you do it now. The book is almost ready for release by the end of the week, it will be ready. You won’t be able to get these unannounced bonuses after that. So make sure you sign up now, click the link in the description. And if you like this video and you like what you’re hearing and seeing, then don’t forget to like it comment below and of course share this video. So thanks for watching and I’ll see you again next time,

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