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Most people get into sport and exercise with one main goal in mind – to get fit (and/or lose weight).

We choose an activity that seems like it would be either fun or challenging or both, and get started.

When we’ve created the habit of exercise, and made a few friends, we start to get a bit more serious about the sport and investigate how to improve – we look at equipment, technique and training methods.

Sometimes, we choose these sports based on previous experiences. For example, I know a LOT of triathletes who started out as runners, and got into triathlon because they picked up an injury that stopped them running.

The problem is, we focus in too soon on the requirements of the sport, and NOT the needs of our bodies.

We focus gets more and more intense the longer we spend in our sport, and it’s not until we get an injury that we start to look at other ways of improving.

But to me, that’s looking at things the wrong way round.

This video explains my SMARTTĀ® Performance Pyramid – and how most people start at the top, and end up tumbling down the pyramid in the hope of returning back to good performance, when really, if we create really good foundations, we will exponentially improve our results and continue to improve for many years to come.

Our bodies are capable of tolerating huge amounts, but that doesn’t mean that they should.

Your performance will improve massively if your body isn’t having to tolerate all those stresses and strains at the same time – it’ll simply be able to 100% effort to the task in hand.

Getting your body more mobile is one of THE best ways to create a great foundation (along with good nutrition and less intense training) and simply by adding it into your daily routine, you’ll be amazed at the difference in performance you’ll get.

But first, you need to understand the underlying issues that are either causing your issues now, or likely to be in the future. You can do that for FREE here, with my Injury Predictor Assessment

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