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What’s the one thing your clients come to your sessions for?


They want the maximum results for their efforts and you want to deliver them – but industry standards are actually PREVENTING both of you from getting what you want.

What do I mean?

What if you could wave a magic wand and hugely:

1. Increase endurance & reduce fatigue 

2. Decrease recovery time and improve sleep 

3. Increase speed, agility & coordination

4. Improve consistency of training (without the disruption of injury)

5. Increase motivation & commitment

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Before we go any further, let’s just acknowledge the fact that you really are awesome, and you’re already getting great results…but you’ve been doing it with your hands tied behind your back!


Because NONE of the industry standards that we’re taught to follow are doing ANYTHING to address the one simple problem that’s preventing all of the things listed above from happening to their fullest potential.

I’m talking about theĀ massively overlooked anatomical fact that muscle fibres have got a twist in them.

How does this prevent results?

Well, when muscles get tight (like after training), the spiral in the muscle tissue gets tighter, which squashes blood vessels and restricts the amount of blood that can get into – and out of – the muscles.

This restricts how much oxygen reaches the working muscles, which limits endurance.

It restricts how quickly the toxins that create muscle soreness are flushed out of the body, which affects recovery and influences sleep quality.

It increases anxiety and stress.

It limits the amount of nutrients reaching the joints (which increases wear & tear and increases the risk of injury).

It increases the amount of muscle tightness in the body, which creates joint position change, increases strain, makes movement slow & uncomfortable, and eventually leads to injury.

Yet none of the training methods we use are actually addressing this problem.

Not rest, not static stretching, not dynamic stretching, not ballistic stretching, not meditation – nothing.

Of course the human body is complex, so these practices will help your clients make small improvements, but creating real change this way takes AGES!

So what can you do?

Actually, it’s very simple.

Just add small, gentle movements in any direction, to any stretch you’re already using.

Nothing painful. No forcing the body to do more, just gentle, smooth movement in any direction you – and more importantly, your clients – like.

Why is it important that your clients choose their own direction?

Because while every human body may have similar characteristics (arms, legs, pelvis, spine etc), each one has had an individual lifetime of unique experiences, thoughts and beliefs that have led them to their current state – and there’s no amount of logic that will ever find the exact way each person needs to move that will work best for them.

So don’t try! Let them choose.

See. I told you it was simple!

This barely noticeable addition to your existing session will help your clients’ bodies unwind the spiral in their muscle tissue which will MASSIVELY improve their performance AND reduce their risk of injury.

Crazy huh?

Give it a try for yourself! It works just like magic!

If your clients don’t feel lighter, looser and more relaxed afterwards, I’ll gladly eat my hat!

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