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Let’s get straight down to brass tacks here.
No messing.
Your clients don’t like doing mobility work.

There, I said it.
Now before you start thinking that your clients are different and that they absolutely love it…they don’t.
Yes, they will tolerate it – and that might not actually be that difficult for some, but given the choice between regular sports training and mobility, mobility will never win.

Let’s face it, some clients won’t even do it on their rest day – when they’re not even doing any other type of training!

So why do they hate it?

Well, a few reasons really:
1. It’s time consuming – whether they have to do it before training, after training, at home by themselves or even all three, it’s EXTRA time they have to find in their day or week and even a few minutes here or there can add up
2. It doesn’t seem relavant – the idea that resting, stretching or even doing tiny movements can be helpful to their performance somehow seems counter-intuitive and therefore just a bit odd. They don’t believe that something so effortless can be much help at all
3. It seems a bit wishy-washy – The industry has become so focused on EXTERNAL stimulii (data, previous performances, equipment, etc) that anything INTERNALLY focused (how the body feels) can be seen as inferior

And of course, if you’re using methods like stretching, they’ll complain that they don’t feel like they’re getting anywhere even when they’ve spent ages doing it – and if you’re using foam rollers, well, they just hurt.

So with all this stacked against you, it’s no wonder that mobility is always the FIRST thing to get dropped from a busy schedule – because our clients simply don’t WANT to do it.

But we both know how important it is that our clients & athletes do it. So, what can we do about it?

One option is to just insist that they do it the way we know…and many coaches will do that, but that instantly makes your clients feel like you’re putting obstacles in their way (which is NOT good for client relations, engagement or retention!).

Let’s be realistic here. You wouldn’t just insist that they did push-ups in every training session if they didn’t like them would you? It’s not your clients’ fault if you don’t know of any other way to give them what they need, so don’t punish them!

The other option is to explore different ways of getting the results you’re looking for that don’t trigger all the feelings/problems/barriers that we mentioned above.

As a coach, it’s your job to do all the background work, dismissing the bad stuff, keeping the good stuff, so that your client can just focus on their training.

But did you know that emotion is the biggest driver of action?

Even when it comes to huge buying decisions like buying a house, the sale can be won or lost in the first few seconds of the buyer walking in through the front door – because of the FEELING they get.

So, if you haven’t explored the impact that emotions have on your clients’ ability to commit to you or your programming, then now is a great time to do it.

The mental & emotional wellbeing of your clients is at a critical stage right now. Everyone is feeling stressed, everyone is feeling pressure of some kind.

Now is not the time for your programming to be including things that your clients don’t like doing. They simply won’t do it. And that means they won’t get the results they want, which makes both of you feel bad.

If you truly want your clients to be able to enter the races that they’re desperately hoping they’ll be able to do in person this summer, then the “SMARTT® Coach Level 1 – The Vault of Injury Prevention Secrets” online course is for you.

You’ll learn from some of the biggest experts in their fields how to:
– recognise the emotional and physical signs of distress that cause mental and physical barriers
– use the science of behaviour change to help your clients take the actions they need
–  skyrocket your clients’ satisfaction with their own training and YOU
– and much, MUCH more.

Oh, and did I mention that by exploring these ways to help your clients take the actions they need to get the results they want, you’ll actually be helping them prevent injury too?

Cool, huh?

While you’re busy focusing on their performance, you’ll actually be removing the ONE thing that can disrupt all your efforts! Woo hoo!

So, if you haven’t checked out “The Vault” online training yet, make sure you do it now! It’s your ticket to happier, healthier clients this year

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