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So Why Should Fitness Coaches Even Care About Mobility in the First Place? Hey, I’m Sarah from mostmotion® and I’m here with the very first episode of a new show: Mobility Matters – Simple Injury Prevention for Fitness Coaches. So why should fitness coaches even care about mobility? Well, it’s because it’s the first thing or the, it’s the one thing that will either destroy or revolutionize your business because your client’s ability to move in any direction they choose without pain or restriction underpins everything to do with sports and fitness. Why? Because everything to do with sports and fitness is movement based. So if your client can move with ease, then it helps them have great technique. They can have great endurance, great strength, great speed. They’ll recover really quickly. They’ll have less risk of injury, but if they really struggle to move well, then their movement will be really slow.

It will be stiff. It will be very awkward. They’ll take ages to warm up. They’ll take ages to recover. They’ll have problems with endurance because they’ll have early fatigue and all that kind of stuff. They’ll pick up nagging injuries here and there, and they’ll increase their risk of injury overall. So if they are struggling, how does that impact you? Well, if they can move really well, then your programming becomes really easy. If they’ve got great technique, then again, you don’t really have to spend a lot of time helping them through the technique. You can get them into a consistent block of training, and that helps them to stick to your programming and get the results that your programming deserves. But if they struggle, that means you need to spend more time focusing on their technique, coaching them through all the points that they need to think about while they’re trained to achieve good technique.

You will constantly adapt your programming around the problems that they’re having, which means that they don’t get the results from your programming that it deserves. Also, there will be inconsistency in training while they stopped to have injuries sorted out by professionals. And that might mean that you lose clients either for the period of time that they’re trying to treat injuries, which can be months, or they’ll just drop out of their sport entirely because they get fed up of the injuries, getting in the way. And that means that you both end up focusing on the problem rather than the thing that you both love, which is exercise. And YOU might find their movement issues fascinating, but THEY DON’T! They don’t want to be reminded of these problems that they’re having every time they train. They just want to get on and train. And that is why lots of coaches struggle to get their clients interested in mobility or doing as much mobility as they should in the first place.

But it’s the one thing that can change everything! And it’s this dilemma that presents a huge new opportunity for you to totally transform their results. Now, I know you don’t want a tiny little tip here and there about how we go through this process. And that is why I put together a completely free mini course that breaks down everything, the exact steps you need to follow to transform your client’s results. Not only for them, but to have longterm more impactful results as well on the NHS and the system, the healthcare systems around the world. So if you want to have free access to this mini course all you need to do is come and join our SMARTT® Folks Facebook group, it’s at S M A R T T F O L K Not only will you get loads of tips and all sorts of other cool stuff in there, you just get this entire free mini course as a welcome gift and a thank you for joining us. So come over and join us, introduce yourself, say hi, and let’s transform your client’s results together. Thanks for watching. And I’ll see you again. Next time.

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