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It feels so good.

What an accomplishment!

Oh, and the look on their faces is priceless.

LEGO brings such joy to kids all over the world – of all ages, yet there’s a cool lesson we can learn about movement from this classic toy.

What is it?


More specifically, the “sets” that LEGO comes in.

A quick search on Amazon for these loveable plastic bricks brings up over 60,000 items – and most of them are “set” boxes that give you all the pieces you need, and the instructions on how to create a specific thing (a car/Star Wars Millenium Falcon/Friends TV set “Cafe Perk” – yep, really!).

Which is great.

You don’t have to go searching for anything.

You have all the pieces and the step-by-step instructions to build whatever the picture is on the box.

But that’s the trouble.

It’s just whatever it is on the box.

I mean, alright, there might be two or even three different objects that you can make out of one set, like a car, a plane and a dumper truck, but you’re restricted to the colours and design that are specified on the box.

What does this have to do with movement?

Well, let’s imagine that the object on the box is an issue you need resolving – like tight hamstrings.

Having all the pieces available to you that would help get rid of your tight hamstrings would be awesome, right?

But what if you used all those pieces, but still had a nagging tightness in your hamstrings that you couldn’t shake?

You’d probably have to get another box.

But since you’ve already tried the one that was supposed to deal with your issue, which one do you try next?

And how many boxes do you have to go through to find the one that works for you?

You see, although all human bodies have things in common, how exactly they hold tightness is entirely different for everyone.

And sometimes you need to tweak things a bit to make them more suitable for you.

That’s why I created the SMARTT® Club membership.

Inside, you’ll find all the “boxes” that contain all the “pieces” you’ll need for dealing with specific problems, like tight hamstrings, injury issues, or just general movement improvement – these are called Blueprints.

But because it’s a membership, you can also take pieces from outside of that particular box that might be more suitable for you.

If we go back to the LEGO analogy, imagine having a section where all the pieces from all the boxes are sorted by shape, size and colour.

And instead of having one box that contains all the pieces to make one thing, you have access to ALL the pieces, with a catalogue of instructions books to choose from that make any kind of car, or boat, or plane (or whatever) you can think of.

Then, you’re free to make that car (for example) with the colours and design that you choose.

You don’t have buy extra boxes if the car isn’t the design you wanted, or if you fancy changing the colours.

Nobody wants to get to the end of the instructions to find that they’re still having problems.

Nobody likes feeling like they have to buy extra pieces just to find the right solution.

And that’s why the SMARTT® Club is a membership.

You get access to ALL the information you want, with the added bonus of step-by-step instructional manuals (Blueprints) to get you started, leaving you free to make the changes you need/want to along the way.

No extra charge.

Plus, there’s no contract either, so you can even come and go as you please!

And, as if THAT wasn’t enough, you even get to look round and test out the entire membership for a whole week for just £1!

Which is PLENTY of time to start making progress and start getting some results.

If you’re struggling with something specific, and you’d like all the pieces that deal with your particular issue in one “box”, with the ability to replace or swap those pieces that don’t suit (or even try an entirely different box) at no extra charge, then the SMARTT® Club could be just what you’re looking for.

You can take a peek inside the box here

Let’s be SMARTT® – Let’s do this together!

Sarah x

P.S. Until the end of January, all £1 trial fees will be donated to the Wildfire Rescue efforts in Australia, so go ahead, what are you waiting for? Start your trial right now!

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