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Every sports and fitness coach wants to help people with existing knee pain, and that’s a fact! But there’s a quick way, then there’s the way that everyone else does it ?.

This video that I found on YouTube, called “Stop Knee Pain Now! 5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees” is a good example of what everyone else is saying.

Watch the video below:

But please, whatever you do, don’t do this for your people.


  1. Because as a non-specialist sports or fitness coach, it’s not your job to FIX knee pain (the guy in the video is a therapist, so it IS his job)
  2. Because strengthening the knee is only a part of the solution (and one that most people jump to too quickly)
  3. Because in the vast majority of cases, most of the tightness in the body that’s causing the knee pain is actually coming from the SPINE!

Let me be clear here, the exercises in this video are not bad (there’s no such thing as a bad exercise, only inappropriate ones).

But as non-specialist sports and fitness coaches, we cannot get involved in trying to FIX the pain, no matter how much we want to help.

That’s why I put together a FREE training called “The Injury Hacker’s Solution to Knee Pain” so you don’t have to flirt with the dangerous idea of trying to FIX pain, but you can do more to help relieve the strain on the knee joint than any of these exercises will.

If you want to help the people you coach with their knee pain, without having to specialise or get all technical about it, I’d like to invite you to check out the FREE training here

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