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Many sports coaches love the idea of helping their participants avoid those nagging little aches and pains that always seem to strike at the worst possible moment.

Some even think that they’re helping by offering suggestions based on their own previous experience, information they’ve gathered from watching YouTube, reading books or even from physios or other professionals.

But this is a HUGE mistake – and has the potential to be very costly.


Because INTERNATIONAL coaching guidelines clearly state that injuries are NOT your responsibility – which means that ANY advice you offer, if you’re not certified to offer it, pushes you outside of your coaching guidelines and makes your insurance INVALID.

But this isn’t the most expensive injury prevention mistake you can make as a non-injury specialist coach…


Many coaches would love to learn about how they can help prevent injuries without having to get all technical about it – and I can show you exactly how to do that through the SMARTT® Coach Education Series.

But too many of us have good intentions that never amount to anything – and THAT’S the most expensive injury prevention mistake we can make.


Because our participants don’t benefit from our “someday I’ll get around to that” intentions.

They’re ones that are still stuck suffering from the same old aches and pains, the same old limitations on their training and the same old restrictions on their lives.

They’re the ones stuck waiting for appointments, or trying treatments that never seem to work for longer than a few months, or paying out for endless “maintenance” sessions

And that means YOU’RE the one stuck managing their expectations and frustrations while you’re constantly working around issues instead of helping your participants to go full steam towards their performance goals.


That’s why, starting next week (Monday 16th August), I’m starting the 7 Day “Rewrite the Rulebook” Challenge!

By the end of 7 short days you’ll know:

  • How to recognise and avoid common mistakes most coaches make with injury prevention
  • How to implement a BRAND NEW strategy so that you can see injuries coming BEFORE they become painful
  • How to remove your participants’ barriers that limit their motivation and/or increase their self-sabotage
  • How to simplify the world of injuries so you can clearly see just how powerful your actions can be
  • How to set your boundaries so you can be confident that you’re being safe and effective at all times
  • How to “Rewrite the Rulebook” so you can stay WITHIN your coaching guidelines yet make a MASSIVE contribution to preventing injury
  • and much, MUCH more!

The 7 Day “Rewrite the Rulebook” Challenge is FREE to coaches who grab the SMARTT® Coach Level 1 training called “The Vault of Injury Prevention Secrets” before Monday 16th August.

There are two ways you can do that:

  1. Head on over to where you can grab just the training, or
  2. Head to where you can save £100 on the training AND pick up my Amazon bestselling book “Unlocking Fitness Book 1: Mental & Physical Health Decoded” – along with a whole bunch of FREE extra trainings that didn’t make it into the book!

Here’s how to grab the training at (and save yourself a bunch of cash!)

Step 1. Fill in your details
Step 2. Choose whether you want the audiobook version or not and click “Complete” Order
You’ll see this page next. When you do…
Step 3: Select “Yes! Upgrade my order now!” and the training will be added to your cart
Then you’ll see this page…
Step 4: Choose Yes or No

And that’s it!

Follow these steps before Monday 16th August and you’ll be invited to the FREE 7 Day “Rewrite the Rulebook” Challenge!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you’ll need to grab the training because you’ll need it to follow the challenge!

So, head on over to right now and start reading the book so you can get a jumpstart before the challenge even starts…

I’ll see you there!

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      awesome! Will you be joining us?

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