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Why is finding a niche so important in business? Won’t I miss out on helping other people?

This is a super important question because it’s the biggest reason why people don’t “niche down” in business, and it’s especially important for introverted Personal Trainers who have additional worries that they’re not good at any one specific thing…

Or, good enough full stop.

If that’s you, then make sure you read everything that comes next because it will give you the confidence you need to focus on your strengths, rather than berating yourself for the things you might not be so great at!

Injury Hacking is a great example of how sticking to your own strengths works really well to grow your business, your support network, and your clients’ results!

And the best Kick-Ass PT character to represent it is Teamz

Teamz knows what makes her happy. She thinks that life is too short to struggle, so she stays focused on what she’s good at.

But her REAL superpower is seeing strengths in other people.

She’s particularly talented at helping to build networks and cultures, based on the strengths of the individuals involved

When it comes to injuries, trainers and therapists alike tend to have pretty strong views about what they do and don’t want to be involved in.

Some love the immediate care of helping someone who’s injury is both sudden and recent (acute),

Some love the puzzle of figuring out long-term injury problems (chronic).

Some find rehabilitation fascinating (rehab), while others prefer to try to prevent injuries from coming back (prehab)…

And others still, think that injuries are not their responsibility and would rather be doing anything but dealing with them.

That’s right, even some doctors and Physios don’t have the slightest interest in soft-tissue injuries!

(Think junior doctors on their compulsory rotations through all departments in the NHS, or private Physios who’d prefer to be working with cardiac patients but keep getting swamped with the health conscious public who’ve pulled yet another muscle)

The problem is that too often, as trainers, we try to be everything to everybody – and we can’t… at least not effectively anyway!

As introverts, we love letting our brains dive into the detail, and that’s a GOOD thing.

Let’s say for example that you love working with cyclists…

You love nothing more than helping novice cyclists complete their first long distance event.

By focusing on this one area of fitness (niche), you can let your introverted self run riot!

You can anticipate the problems they’re likely to have, and if it’s not something you enjoy doing, you can find other people who do to help you!

New cyclists are likely to experience back, neck, and hip or knee problems because they aren’t used to being on a bike for long periods.

They probably won’t have the right set up on their bike, and they might not understand about nutrition or recovery for endurance events.

As an Injury Hacker, you can help to mitigate some minor aches and pains, through your warm ups, cool downs and recovery sessions – without needing to know anything about injuries themselves… but you might not know anything about a good bike fit.

This is your opportunity to team up with someone who loves doing that.

You might also team up with a Physio who likes treating acute pain but has no interest in late-stage rehabilitation, and an Injury specialist trainer who loves all that stuff.

And if those people also love long distance cycling, then that’s a huge bonus!

As introverts, we love nothing more than having meaningful, sometimes spirited, discussions with people who share our passions.

It makes interacting with other people worthwhile.

So imagine what it would be like to build your business network around people just like that!

You can stay focused on the things that make YOU happy and you can surround yourself with other excellent professionals while you all work together to help your clients achieve their goals… no matter what area of fitness you happen to love working in!

Right now, the healthcare industry is crying out for help from trainers who have the skills and the interest to help their patients with the elements of injuries that they simply don’t have the time to do.

… and clients are simply ignoring minor aches and pains because they feel like there’s nowhere to turn for help.

As an Injury Hacker, you can easily step into this role, in both preventing clients from entering the system in the first place (because they’re not injured) and from re-entering when their pain comes back.

Successful graduates of the “Injury Hacking Specialist” (Level 4) training have the opportunity to learn how to create Injury Hacking cultures within clubs and fitness organisations in the “Injury Hacking Consultant” training (Level 5)

but in the meantime…

Power up your Kick-Ass Personal Training career by becoming a Certified Injury Hacker (Level 2) – you can join the waitlist and be first to discover the next training dates here

It makes unlocking your introverted strengths a breeze and easily makes you a Personal Trainer to remember!

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