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Jeff Cavaliere knows his stuff.

I’ve never met him, but I’m sure he’s a really nice guy.

But this video is not helpful to us as injury hackers… in fact, it’s more than that – it’s toxic.


It’s not because anything he says is particularly wrong.

It’s because he’s not talking to us as coaches.

He’s NOT trying to teach us how to treat knee pain in our clients.

But many non-specialist sports and fitness coaches will watch this video, be confident that Jeff is giving good advice and then use what they learned from his explanations to try to help their clients.

And when we do that, we’re in BIG trouble.




Well, there’s a VERY big difference between individuals choosing to follow a video from someone who has a vast array of qualifications and insurance behind them, and following the advice of a coach who DOESN’T have the qualifications or insurance to back themselves up.

To some coaches it might seem petty, minor point, after all, any coach giving the same advice as what’s in this video would be offering the same advice wouldn’t they?

On the surface, yes.

But there’s a HUGE difference between saying it and truly understanding it (for example, at what point with your client’s pain is strengthening the way Jeff shows in the video actually helpful?).

Plus, if (God forbid) your client DID hurt themselves after following your unqualified, parroted advice – what would you say in a court of law?

I saw it on YouTube, your honour?

Look, I know that you want to help your clients with knee pain.

And you don’t want to have to fork out thousands on specialist courses to do that.

And there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground… your insurance dictates that you either leave the injury to someone else, or you go and get some specialist qualification.

Well, that is until now anyway!

If you’re a sports or fitness coach who wants to help clients with their low-level, chronic, or even recurring knee pain, but doesn’t want to have to specialise or become a therapist – then you’ll love this…

I’ve created a ground breaking framework that shows Injury Hackers just like you, EXACTLY how you can be more help than you ever imagined, without EVER getting all technical or getting in over your head.

And I’ll teach you this EXACT framework, completely FREE in “The Injury Hacker’s Solution to Knee Pain” online training.

We’ll spend 60 minutes together as I teach you as many as FIVE exclusive strategies you can employ, without once deviating from the coaching you love so much – or landing yourself in hot water

So, if you want to stop guessing how you can help, worrying that you might hurt your clients’ further, or feeling a bit uncomfortable with the technical jargon, grab this FREE training right now!

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