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It all happened so fast but a man’s life was hanging in the balance…

I was driving down a country road last Sunday afternoon, returning home from going out for coffee with my other half, Pete, when I saw a bright yellow object rise high into the sky from beyond the upcoming brow of the hill, followed by a cloud of small black bits.
With a feeling of dread, a second later I drove over the top of the hill to find a motorbike in tiny pieces, a smashed up car with its door caved in and the motorbike rider lying motionless on the side of the road

I didn’t see the actual crash because there was a junction in a dip in the road that couldn’t be seen from the main road but I quickly pulled the car over and we both jumped out to help.

As I pulled the car into the side of the road I saw another motorbike rider pull his phone out of his pocket and knew he was talking to the emergency services.

Pete and I are both trained first-aiders but while my mind took a second to assess the situation, Pete went straight to the rider on the floor.

I checked out the driver and passenger in the car (who didn’t seem to be physically hurt), left them with a lady who’d seen what happened, and then helped another guy control the traffic until the ambulance came.

Both Pete and I initially thought the rider was dead but he started breathing and then eventually, talking but it was touch and go for a little while.

Here’s what I learned from this:

  • Occasionally things happen in life that make you realise what’s important and how easily things can change

This is important because:

  • Most of us think it’ll never happen to us… but what if it did? Most of us build our businesses based on the fact that we’ll be healthy and available to work every day – but what happens if you get sick, or suffer with the kind of minor sports injury problem that won’t seem to go away?

The moral of this story is clear: life can change in an instant.

So, don’t wait for little nagging injuries to happen to you or your clients, they can wreck everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve (yes, even the small ones).

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