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Injury Hacking: The Ultimate Test? Hey, I’m Sarah from mostmotion® and I’m here with a message for every sports and fitness coach at every level in every sport.

The UK is basically is coming out of lockdown now, and people are desperate to start training again or even get out and exercise, and sports and fitness coaches have never been in a more important position. What do I mean? Well a conversation with a friend of mine really brought it home to me over the weekend. And that is he’s developed this little knee pain. And he’s been trying all sorts of other stuff to to get rid of it. But he was worried that he needed a scan. But where do you go? Like, if you’re trying to contact the GP now, to get in to get a scan, you probably be waiting a year at least for an appointment to have that scan.

Why? Because the NHS cannot cope right now, they are so concerned with dealing with COVID and the backlog of patients that they’ve had to postpone for the last 12 months and more. They really haven’t got the resources to deal with these non urgent cases. Okay. And that means that physios and specialists coaches as well the volume of people that are coming through this system, and they’re coming through with these little aches and pains, the physios and specialist coaches that can’t cope with that amount of volume. But the one thing… oh of course, you can’t forget that a lot of people have been on furlough, which means that they have reduced income and they can’t afford to pay either. So we have this buildup now of non urgent minor aches and pains that nobody can deal with. Because the system cannot cope. But your participants, your people are absolutely desperate to train, which means they probably won’t tell you that they have these aches and pains. And even if they do that you’re the one that has to deal with it, which means that you are now the front line of injury problems in the UK.

Now some people might find that quite intimidating. But I have spent the last 20 years of my life dedicating myself to the idea of what I call “injury hacking”, which is basically allowing people with no injury knowledge whatsoever to help with the situation of sports injuries. Okay, so I have a solution that allows every coach in every sport at every level, to play a role in helping to reduce and prevent these sporting injuries. It’s a radical and sustainable solution that I call the SMARTT® Coach Education Series. And it takes even coaches with absolutely no knowledge whatsoever, to helping to make a valid and safe contribution to injury problems.

Now, I believe so strongly in the power of sports and fitness coaches to help with this issue that I am prepared to put my entire system on the line, and give it the ultimate test, which is saving the NHS.

I have an awesome project I’m launching on Friday, this week, Friday, that will enable every coach in every sport at every level to contribute to saving the NHS and taking the pressure off the system.

Now, I’m going to be telling you a lot more about this project over the next week. So I’m going to be answering questions during all that stuff in the Facebook group. So if you’re not part of the Injury Hackers Facebook group yet, come and join us. We’re at and it’s completely free. I will tell you all about the project, how you can get involved and answer all of your questions in that group as well. So come and join us in the Facebook group. I’ll use the power of technology here now to show you

Come and join us in the Facebook group and come and get involved in the project. It’s going to be amazing. Oh and don’t forget to tell your friends about it too! See you there. Thanks for watching. See you again next time.

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