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How to Remove the Hassle from Injury. Hey, I’m Sarah from mostmotion® and I’m here with another episode of “How to Hack Injuries” for every sports and fitness coach who wants to be able to help their clients avoid injury, and remove all the hassle from injuries when they happen.

So I’m gonna just break out my flip chart here so that we can see what’s happening. Okay, so this is the standard way that most things happen when it comes to injury. So you have a client who wants to train, okay, then they train, let’s say they are running, excuse my drawings. Alright, and then they do that for a little while, and everything’s going great. And all of a sudden, they pick up a little niggly injury, let’s say they have, I don’t know, knee pain, okay. So there’s going to be many reasons why your client will not tell you, they have this knee pain in the first place, when that is a whole different episode to get into all of that stuff. But essentially, what happens is, they try and ignore it for a little while. And so they try and keep training through it. So they go through the cycle here of being in pain, but trying to train anyway, then eventually they get to the point where they can’t train anymore, and they feel like they need to go and see somebody.

So this pain has been bugging them for weeks, if not months already, before they decide they’re going to go on call somebody to help them out with this problem, then they have to wait for the appointment. Okay, so it depends on how busy people are these days, they are very, very busy, as to how long we have to wait for the appointment, it could be days, it could be weeks, but essentially, they’re just taking time off waiting for the date when they can go and see somebody, then they might get a video appointment, they might get an in person appointment. So they might have to, let’s say we have a video appointment, or (my beautiful car drawings) go see somebody in the car. Okay, that is travelling. That’s annoying. Video appointments for people are quite frustrating, because they feel like they’re not getting that one to one in person attention. So if they have to go to the appointments, then they have to go and see somebody that means travelling, then they might get a solution from that appointment, they might not. So then they might be told to rest it.

So then they are sat twiddling their thumbs forever on a huge chair by the look of it. And then they’retold to wait a bit longer. We’ve all been through this process. So the point is, I mean, we could go through this process, on and on and on, it depends on whether you’re going to see somebody in the health service, whether you’re going to see a private physio, whoever it is, you have to wait for the appointment. But injury hackers know that injuries are just painful movement that’s come about through restricted joint movement.

So the SMARTT® methods teach you what to look for, so that you can see these problems coming at this point. So we’re not waiting for all of this to happen and in the meantime, we’re just waiting for our clients to get back to being able to train properly, we can actually see these problems coming here. So that we can then do something practical to avoid this happening in the first place. And if it does, okay, if it does, we know that it’s probably come about (if it’s not a huge injury, like a fracture or something like that), that is probably come about through restricted joint movement. And we can get we can get involved in we can help with that restricted joint movement, we can increase the range of motion in a non painful way through these joints so that our clients have something practical to do while they are waiting for the appointments.

So they’ve already come to you. They’ve said I’ve got a bit of a niggle in my knee, what do I do, okay, they want to be doing something they want to help themselves. So with the SMARTT® methods, you can help you can give your clients something to do while they’re in this stage here, the pain might then go away, in which case they might decide, actually they don’t need that appointment anymore. And the GP surgery can give it somebody else. Or they might decide, actually the pains gone for now, but I just want to have it checked over. In which case we’re not putting people into the system that are going to be there for a long time. Or we only referring people on that have problems that need to be in the system. So essentially, the SMARTT® methods allow us to get rid of all of that hassle.

Okay, so this is how sports and fitness coaches can help to save the NHS, we can take them out of the pressure that they’re under right now. And if you want to get involved, I have a crowdfunding project that’s being launched today at 3pm. Make sure you go and check that out if you want to get involved and help your clients with removing the hassle from injury. So thanks for watching, and I’ll see you again next time

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