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Let me tell you a quick story about a trainer named Sally (it’s fictional, but based on reality ?)….

Sally was really enjoying training a lady who wanted to climb Kilimanjaro.

She loved that her client was so dedicated to this huge goal and wanted to help her have the best experience possible on this once in a lifetime adventure.

Sally programmed long walks in the countryside for her client to do at the weekends and during their sessions together, Sally would focus on strength training and endurance work.

Then one day her client was out walking and stumbled slightly on a rocky path, jarring her knee.

After resting it for a week or so, her client came back to Sally’s training but the knee never really seemed right. It would start aching after a couple of hours walking and especially coming downhill.

Sally did her best to work around the problem in the gym, focusing on core work, upper body strength, and what little lower body work she could get away with.

But despite Sally’s best efforts, and plenty of rest, the knee didn’t seem to getting any better so Sally referred her client to a therapist who recommended that she stop training completely for four weeks!

By the time her client came back to her after getting treatment she was so far back in her training that actually getting to Kilimanjaro didn’t seem possible.

Both Sally and her client felt terrible because they had both invested so much time and emotional energy into this goal, that it felt like a smack in the face to both of them that she wasn’t going to achieve her dream.

Then, something happened that changed everything….Sally heard about Injury Hacking from a friend. She realised that there was so much that she could actually do to HELP the situation rather than simply waiting for other people to do something.

In that moment, Sally decided that she wanted to take back control.

So, she enrolled on an upcoming Injury Hacking Certification course and after the very first session she started implementing what she learned in her clients’ sessions!

The situation transformed because almost immediately, Sally changed from being a bystander in her own business to being proactive and re-energised.

And her client changed from feeling helpless to taking back more control of what was happening in her body!

Here’s how things turned out…

After applying her new Injury Hacking knowledge to every session, the knee problems that had been plaguing Sally’s client disappeared and she got back on track for Kilimanjaro quicker than anyone expected.

Both Sally and her client feel more confident when aches and pains appear because now they know that there’s something they can DO about it straight away, before the problem gets any worse.

What I’d like you to take away from this story is…

  • Training around the issue of injuries doesn’t help anyone
  • You don’t have to wait for pains to stop people training before you can help
  • Clients will ADORE you if you can keep them training!

If you’d like to take your coaching skills to the next level, make sure you grab your copy of the “Injury Hacker’s Mission Guide” so you can be like Sally too!

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