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What exactly IS a “Detail Junkie”?

It’s a term I use to describe coaches, clients or therapists who love to know the ins and outs of every little detail when it comes to injuries.

They love that feeling of understanding how something works and using that knowledge to be able to do something when problems arise.

And that’s cool.

In fact, I have a bit of a confession… I’m a huge raving detail junkie myself!

The thing is though, none of us started out like this.

I’d be willing to bet that every single person who has ever become a detail junkie in anything, only started down that road in the first place because they didn’t get satisfactory answers to their initial questions.

Let’s take a standard training session example:

Someone in your group comes to you at the start of your session and says that they have a problem with, I don’t know, let’s say their knee.

As a non-injury specialist coach, there’s not much you can do about it, so you advise that they “keep and eye on it”, “do what you can” and “if it gets any worse, stop”.

Great. You’ve covered your back, done what you could and moved on with the session.

But your client is still left with that knee problem and the longer it goes on, the more questions they have.

          – Where did the pain come from?

          – How do I get rid of it?

          – Why won’t it go away?

The problem is, that when these questions don’t get answered properly, they lead to fears that the problem will never go away, or that nobody can help them so they “just have to manage it best they can” – and these fears are SUPER important to you.


Because fears become beliefs and it’s those underlying, never-said-out-loud, often long-held beliefs, fears and concerns that actually prevent your clients from getting the results that your training programmes deserve.

They become mental barriers to success.

And if you don’t either know or recognise that they are there, your clients will never reach their potential with you.

Are “Detail Junkies” the Enemy of Injury Hackers?

No. But when we get bogged down in the details, sometimes we miss the simple things.

If we ALL are forced down the road of learning the technical details about injuries, there’ll be nobody left to spot the simple things!

I mean, how many times have complex problems been solved by someone who has no understanding of the problem itself?

They offer a simple suggestion or ask a simple question, off-the-cuff and the boffins that have been struggling for hours suddenly see the solution.

Injury Hacking is all about taking advantage of this.

We ask EVERY sports and fitness coach to do what they can to help solve the complexity of injury problems, regardless of how much technical knowledge they have.

So what can you do about your clients’ fears, beliefs or even injury issues if you don’t want to become a “detail junkie” yourself?

LOADS actually!

In fact, there’s so much you can offer that I’ve outlined it all in my FREE training “The Injury Hacker’s Solution to Knee Pain”.

I promise, you’ll have an entirely new perspective in around 60 minutes!

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