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I was a Personal Trainer in my early 20s when I landed funny off a jumping kick in martial arts and the bones in my ankle shifted. Initially I couldn’t even run across the road or push off the wall in the swimming pool. I really wanted to stop taking on standard fitness and weight loss clients so I wouldn’t have to put so much pressure on my body at work, so I took every course I could (including a Masters Degree) to try to make the transition from Personal Trainer to Injury Rehabilitation Specialist.

All I really wanted was to be able to train without pain myself and help others to do the same.

The thing is, it was really hard convincing other injury professionals that I knew anything at all about injuries, which meant that they were unwilling to work with me to get the maximum results for the client.

I felt terrible because I knew there was so much more I could help their patients with once their treatment had finished. I wasn’t trying to steal their patients, or tread on anyone’s toes, I just wanted to help! This situation felt awful because I looked up to these therapists and it felt like they were looking down their noses at me. After all my studying and hard work it felt like a real kick in the teeth and that nobody would take me seriously.

Eventually, after many years of learning about injuries, experiencing different treatment styles for my own injuries and experimenting with my own body I came to the conclusion that my ankle could never be fixed. Which meant accepting I would always have to pay for treatments for someone to “maintain” my ankle and that other injuries would appear because of that initial ankle problem, which meant that I would always be hampered by one injury or another.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

That’s when I read Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems which was all about looking beyond the name of the problem and dealing with the fundamental issues first!

This book changed my life!

He writes: “But when a dog has issues, you can’t begin to solve them by dealing with “Columbus”. You have to start with the animal, then the dog, then the breed, and work your way down to the name stencilled on the food dish”

Hang on a minute!

Isn’t the NAME of the problem the very first thing we try to establish when we’re injured?

This was like a lightbulb going off in my head – I can still remember now how excited I was when I read it!

Suddenly I saw the entire industry in a completely different light and it became really obvious how to use the body’s natural instincts to “hack” injury treatment, which meant that I could finally stop paying other people for treatments!

I also learned that pain is NOT the first sign of injury, you need to start looking for the areas of your body that don’t move properly instead.

As a result, I took my own body from feeling like I was made of concrete (and breaking) to feeling more supple and capable than I had ever remembered – even before I hurt my ankle.

After I that, I started showing my clients what I was doing.

Suddenly, I was getting results for my clients when conventional treatments just hadn’t worked.

That’s when I realised that the secret to becoming a true Injury Specialist was restoring movement to the body.

My plan was to start using these movements to bridge the gap between treatment and fitness.

So I started giving my clients some movements to do at home. But I didn’t stop there.

I then started using entire movement sessions as part of my client’s treatment.

After that, I grouped some clients together who had similar symptoms and started a group movement session.

But there was still a problem…

The trouble is, people only have the capability of remembering so much information. The movements had great potential and my clients were great at doing them because they were so simple, but if I gave them too many, they’d end up forgetting them or just going back to the ones they could remember, which meant that we never really moved on that far, so their issues would eventually creep back in.

I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to record the movements on video for my clients to follow at home.

I chose to call it “SMARTT® Club”.

I thought if we could create something that would make it possible to do your own treatment at home, I’d be really happy.

So, I started to let other exercise enthusiasts use SMARTT® Club, completely online

After convincing people that following a video is actually MORE helpful than coming in person, over 3 years of creating videos, and over 5 years of testing and tweaking movements, SMARTT® Club is now a major resource when it comes to fixing injuries.

I can now get rid of pain faster and more comprehensively than conventional treatment sessions. What used to take 6 weeks or more in the treatment room, now takes a couple of days..

In fact, customers can now get rid of their own pain and get back to training in just a few weeks regardless of how long they’ve been in pain. Some have even taken themselves off the list for surgery because their pain has completely gone.

After creating SMARTT® Club, I was not only able to train without pain myself and help others do the same, but I’ve also been able to stop paying other people for endless maintenance treatments, because I can now intervene way before problems become painful.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to help the millions of people just like me who felt let down by the system and were simply resigned to the fact that there was nothing they could do.

I truly believe that my SMARTT® methods have the power to change the health and fitness industries as we know it…I guess only time will tell…

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