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“We’re not going to talk about “how to”. “How to” doesn’t work. If “how to” worked, none of us would be struggling. Because we’re all smart enough to get “how to”. If “how to” worked, we would not be the most obese, in debt, medicated and addicted adults in human history”

This is a quote by Professor of Research at the University of Texas and best-selling author, Brene Brown. And when it comes to “how to” fix injuries this couldn’t be more true.

I’ve been working with people and their injuries from all backgrounds, a wide range of ages and involved in a wide variety of sport (and not) for almost 20 years.

And I can tell you – an ex-Personal Trainer, turned soft-tissue therapist who doesn’t cause pain, rarely works on the area that’s hurting and does the exact opposite of everything the industry teaches us to do is NOT a client’s first port of call.

Clients come to me when they’ve been round all the conventional treatment methods. They’ve done everything they’re supposed to do. Diligently. But their problems still keep coming back.

They know that the conventional stuff does work for a while. They’ve done it. They’ve probably paid a small fortune for it over the years, with periods of being pain-free, yet here they are, years later, still struggling.

Most people can’t afford the time or the cash to have treatment every day, or even every week, and all they really want to do is get on with their lives without being hampered by pain.

Because pain wears you down.

You can pretend it’s not there for many years, but it takes a toll both mentally and emotionally. That nagging pain is like a whispering negativity inside your brain. It takes effort to overcome it and the longer it goes on for, the louder it becomes.

Before long it’s loud enough for you to hear it all the time. You get short-tempered and impatient, can’t concentrate and sometimes you feel like you want to just scream at the world. But none of it helps.

You can’t train because that makes it worse, and eventually you just feel stuck. You feel like you’ve tried everything, and nothing worked, so you’re just stuck with this pain forever.

You start avoiding doing things that make it worse – even changing sport if you must – I’ve lost track of how many runners-turned-triathletes I’ve dealt with!

This is what conventional “how to” fix injuries looks like right now.

But “how to” doesn’t work. If “how to” was working, none of us would be injured.

And the reason the conventional “how to” isn’t working? Because it’s been built by a system that’s tried pulling the human body apart to figure out how it works, and then putting it all back together again.

And we all know that things never go back exactly how they were before we pulled them apart! There’s always that one piece left over that nobody knows where it came from or where it’s supposed to go.

The trouble is, we’ve been doing it this way for so long that now that there’s millions of these pieces left over, with nowhere to go. I’d even hazard a guess that you feel like one of those pieces right now.

So, what happens if we DON’T try to fix things by pulling it apart?

That, my friend, is a GREAT question – and I’ve dedicated the last 6 years of my life trying to figure out the answer – and I have!

I’ve discovered that the industry has been looking in the wrong place, that’s why problems keep coming back, and that getting rid of pain really isn’t as complicated as they make out.

And I think you deserve to know these things too!

That’s why I’m sharing with you the 3 Secrets the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Fixing Your Own Knee Pain

Click here to get your FREE copy, and let’s stop kidding ourselves shall we?

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