The SPGs That Are Secretly Sabotaging Your Performance (Part 3)

The SPGs That Are Secretly Sabotaging Your Performance (Part 3)

It’s my experience, after many years of treating injuries and improving performance that the underlying root cause of ALL non-collision injuries can be traced back to just THREE body positions.

Because these three areas are not painful, the gradual change in position goes largely unnoticed and their impact on the injury at hand, overlooked. That’s why I call them the Secret Performance Gremlins (SPGs).

They’re not painful, they go largely unnoticed, yet they cause most of the damage.

The third SPG is internal rotation of the humerus (upper arm).

Internal rotation of this bone causes the shoulders to round, can push the ribcage backwards and can create a slumped type posture.

Shoulder pain in all areas (front, side and back), neck tension, elbow pain, breathing problems, digestive issues and back pain can all be attributed to these changes in posture.

When the upper arm rotates inwards, extra effort is required to rotate the forearm so that the palms of the hands can face upwards, which over time, causes fatigue and therefore pain in the elbow, lack of grip strength, carpal tunnel syndrome and many more issues in the hands, including arthritis.

With an inwardly rotated upper arm, the nerves that run across the back of the shoulder and down the arm can get compressed leaving a strange burning or tingling sensation in certain positions.

The chest muscles also get excessively tight, as does the back of the neck, restricting breathing (which can be mistaken for asthmatic type symptoms), nausea, fainting, migraines and frequent headaches, blurry or dry eyes.

The nerves that service the gut and stomach can be also disrupted, creating digestive disorders and cramps when running.

When the ribcage is pushed into a slumped position, the abdomen also gets tight which then slows digestion and blood flow to other organs.

It’s not just symptoms that can be affected by this one issue. There’s the subsequent technique issues too. Overhead reach becomes limited, arms cross the centre line in swimming, elbows start the stick out in running, the strength in the back of the shoulder disappears and many more.

While the array of symptoms caused can be numerous, simply by focusing on dealing with ONE issue, not only can we reverse these symptoms, but also significantly reduce the risk of any of the others happening in the first place.

There’s a simple test you can do to see if you’re affected by this issue:

Stand upright and hang both arms loosely by your sides.

Now check your hand position. If your elbows are bent (even slightly), and the palms of your hands are either facing your sides, or behind you, then you could be headed for many of these issues.

Fortunately, there’s loads you can do to remedy the problem, starting with my FREE Shoulder Pain Solution Video Playlist.

These 5 videos deal specifically with this internal rotation problem, simply follow along with the movements to get started fixing yours.

Don’t forget to come and join us in our little SMARTT™ community to let us know how you’re getting on!

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