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Why Ditching Mobility is the Best Way to Serve Your Fitness Clients. Hey, I’m Sarah from mostmotion® and I’m here with another video for every sports and fitness coach who cares deeply about their clients getting the results they deserve and avoiding injury at the same time. So why is ditching mobility, like getting rid of it, the best way that you can help your fitness clients? Surely it helps avoid injury? Well, it does, but we need to get rid of it for one main reason. And the reason is, well, actually, no, before we get into that, most coaches get hung up on the fact that their clients need this mobility training. . So they just put it into the session, regardless of anything else, because that’s what the client needs and they’re doing their job. They feel like they’re fulfilling their safety purposes and all that kind of stuff as a coach, if they put this mobility training in, but… this is the reason…clients don’t actually like doing it.

. At best they will tolerate it because they understand on a logical level that it might help them. But at worst, they feel like you are wasting their time that they are paying you for, . They feel like they can do foam rolling and stretching and all that kind of stuff at home. So they don’t feel like they need to pay you for you to be there, to watch them do it. So if they feel like you’re wasting their time or you’re wasting their money, this is not a good representation of you or your skill level, because let’s face it. It doesn’t take much skill to watch somebody on a foam roller because once you’ve taught them how to do it, that’s it. They can do it by themselves. It doesn’t take much skill to show somebody a stretch. Any idiot can do that. Your skill level is higher than that.

And you need to demonstrate that to your clients so that they can feel like they’re getting every single penny worth of what they’re paying you out of your sessions. . And the skill level that you demonstrate to your clients is what they see. That’s the feeling they get from you. So how can you show them that your skill level is higher with out doing all the simple stuff that they need to be doing? . So this is where combining elements comes in. This is going to massively demonstrate how powerful your skills are, how much you know about them and what you’re doing as a coach. . Let’s take the warmup for example. Most clients will come to us after they’ve been laid in bed all night, or they’d been sitting at work all day. Chances are, they’ve not been doing much movement before they come your session.

So most clients will feel like the warmup is a valuable part of the session. . They will do that. They’ll buy into that because it’s helping them to feel better. And this is where you can start to layer in your skills as a coach. You can do all the thinking for your client by adding mobility into the warmup. . And when you do that, your clients feel like that just getting on with their training, which is what they want to do. They don’t feel like you’re putting barriers in their way, stopping them, getting to the bits they want to do, which makes them feel great. And you can put in the elements that you know they need to help prevent injury. Win-Win. This is where your skill levels really, really shine. And most coaches will never even consider that the warmup could be anything other than raising body temperature. But let me tell you, it is nothing to do with that. All right. Might be a little bit to do with that, but that’s not the point you’re trying to improve somebody’s movement. So I know you want to see an example of what I mean, and I could spend ages talking about it but that doesn’t help you. So I have put together a little warmup routine. It’s five minutes. . It’s to do with tight hips. You give me a coach and you will always have a client who has tight hips. . It’s just the way we are as a society right now. So if you want to get this free warm-up routine, you can just, I’ll put the link in the comments below. I’ll walk you through it. You can share the video with your clients and I will commentate what I’m doing, why I’m doing it as we go through the video as well. So you can understand it from a coaching point of view and your client gets a really awesome routine to follow that you look amazing because you found for them. . So make sure you click the link in the description. Oh, and by the way, if you like this video, make sure you comment below, add the likes and the hearts, all that kind of stuff. It will help lots of other coaches to reach the information that they could really use. . So thanks for watching and I’ll see you again, next time.

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