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He was in a bad way.

Smoking 40 cigarettes a day, having a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight and struggling with heart disease all while he was in his mid-40s, my friend Jim was not a healthy man.

But then he found someone to help him and by working together, they got Jim into the best shape of his life…until the pain started that is.

Jim’s coach is an ex-Navy SEAL, so pull ups and push ups are a staple of his exercise routine, but when he started to get pain in his elbow, he couldn’t do either one and it was making him miserable.

Jim’s story is typical of many fitness enthusiasts.

They get involved with sports or exercise because they want to get fit and healthy – and it’s well documented that a lack of physical activity leads to lifestyle diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, diabetes and more.

But while our “heart health” is vastly improved by all this exercise, our “joint health” gradually starts to deteriorate.

Small aches and pains get ignored because our clients are so desperate to train.

And because those pains come and go, they’re not considered to be important.

The problem is that it’s these exact same small aches and pain that end up costing our healthcare systems the most.


Musculoskeletal problems clog up our GP surgeries, they drive the need for pain relief medication, they require physiotherapy care and eventually major surguries like joint replacements, oh, and by the time they’ve reached this stage, many patients are unable to move without pain, which drags them back into the diseases that a lack of exercise causes, they can develop mental health issues and even become addicted to their pain medication, which increases the amount of services they need to use.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Since lifestyle diseases and musculoskeletal conditions are the two LEADING causes of disease worldwide, as fitness coaches we are in a unique position.

WE are the ones who can make the BIGGEST difference to all of it.

When it comes to “heart health”, we’re doing a great job. 

We’re preventing millions of people from developing heart disease, diabetes and other life limiting problems.

But when it comes to “joint health”, we’re lagging behind.

Sporting injuries are more prevelant now than ever before and we’re seeing problems developing in increasingly younger populations too.

If we’re truly going to make a difference to our clients’ HEALTH (not just fitness), it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to keep their joints healthy too – and that means upping our game and taking our coaching skills to the next level.

That’s why I’m delivering a FREE webinar that will show you just how easy it is to do exactly that, without changing how you coach or even having to know the first thing about injuries!

So, if you’re a fitness coach of any kind, and you’re ready to get better results for your clients than you’ve ever seen before, crush injuries before they even happen and take huge amounts of pressure off our healthcare systems, then you can’t afford to miss this exclusive training.

Did I mention that it’s completely FREE?

You can register you seat here

I truly believe that fitness coaches are the super heroes of the healthcare system and I’m on a mission to prove it, so I’ll be shouting about this training from the rooftops. And since the spaces for the LIVE training are very limited, you’ll want to make sure you grab one while you can!

Register here NOW for the link, then turn up about 10 minutes EARLY on the day – otherwise you might not get in!

Replay information will only be sent to those who registered, so do it NOW!

I’m so excited to show you how much difference you can truly make to the world, simply by doing what you already do – see ya there!

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