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When most people read the word Variety they quickly visualize colours, food or exercise.

When sports and fitness coaches read the word Variety they frequently think of changing the big things like environment, activity or exercise.

Of course, there’s always some others who think of that change is a bad thing, but when I see the word Variety, I think about tiny changes in foot or hand position.

Here are my thoughts about the word Variety as it pertains to sports injury, especially if you’re eager to help with the injuries you see in your sessions:

The vast majority of sports injuries we see in our sessions are minor aches and pains that have developed from an over-reliance on performing movements in exactly the same way.

If we want to help reduce the risk of these aches and pains we need to keep moving joints in as many different ways as possible

Our bodies experience the same action very differently with tiny alterations such as one toe turned out – which not only helps to strengthen muscles and joints but also to keep them free of the restrictions that eventually lead to pain.

The big thing to remember here is that small variations are more powerful than big ones.

Let’s put this into practice right now – think about one exercise you love to teach and all the ways in which you could make small changes to it.

If you get stuck, you can grab my amazing FREE checklist – 50 Ways to Add Variety to Movement – here.

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