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He suffered in silence for TEN YEARS.

He couldn’t walk up the stairs properly, and he STILL didn’t say anything!

It all started with a small pain in his knee when he was running. At first, it wasn’t there all the time, then he began to notice that the same pain came on every time he ran downhill. Then it was after he’d been running anywhere for a certain period of time.

So he stopped running and started walking instead of using the car.

He couldn’t feel the pain when he was walking at first, but before long, he could only walk a few miles before that same pain came on again.

So then, he’d walk as far as he could and take the bus the rest of the way.

Eventually, the same pain began bothering him when he was going up the stairs – enough that he had to put both feet on every step and hold the bannister.

And if I hadn’t have happened to have watched him go up the stairs like this one day, he STILL probably wouldn’t have told me about it.

My Dad would have struggled on, avoiding the things that were irritating his pain, still wedded to the idea that he was “just getting old” and that this was his fate.

It took ten years for my Dad to go from running seven miles across the moors 3 or 4 times a week, to struggling to get up and down the stairs. And if we’d have left it another ten years, I can guarantee that he’d have rails installed in his house, chairs that help him stand up, a stairlift to help him manage the stairs and he’d probably have developed osteoarthritis and/or needed a knee replacement.

But we DIDN’T leave it another ten years.

We took action.

I don’t want my Dad to have to struggle in later life like that, surrounded by gadgets and relying on other people to help him live his daily life…and he doesn’t want that either.

So, I asked him to follow a simple SIX MINUTE video every day to improve his movement.

And do you know how long it took for his pain to go away?


Think about it.

That’s just ONE HOUR of time invested in his own health.

And I don’t mean that his pain is gone if he’s careful. He’s spent two weeks on a cruise ship going up and down 15+ flights of stairs two or three times a day. He’s had to run for the bus on more than one occasion! And he’s walking more now than ever before – not even once considering that his knee is a problem.

Because it isn’t.

At all.

My Dad was in his late 50s when this pain started. But the REASON that it started wasn’t his running. It was the tightness in his muscles that was stopping his body from functioning properly – and the running took the tightness beyond what his body could adapt to, so he ended up with pain.

Dad’s been pretty lucky when it comes to injuries. He hasn’t had many in his lifetime, but not everyone is so fortunate (me for one!).

Every single person increases the amount of muscle tightness in their bodies over their lifetime and it will depend on their own personal experiences as to when these aches and pains will appear.

It’s my clinical experience that they are most likely to start happening in our clients in their 40s and 50s (although they can appear much younger too – especially with high level competitors) and this is the time when YOU can make the biggest difference.

That ache your client has been mentioning, and you’ve been adapting their training to avoid irritating is just the start of this slippery slope into major mobility issues in later life.

If you’ve never experienced an injury, you’re lucky.

I have.

And I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Pain, even a low level of pain, is debilitating.

It wears you down, mentally and physically – it can affect every aspect of your life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Fitness coaches are experts at getting people moving.

We love helping them improve their health so that they can live long and happy lives.

And we’re really good at improving their HEART health.

But when it comes to their JOINT health, we’re not good at all.

And that’s not because we don’t care – far from it. It’s just that nobody has shown us HOW to use our awesome capabilities and APPLY them to the issue of joint health.

Until now!

I know from many years of treating people just like my Dad, that simple movements can help people get rid of their aches and pains for good.

And I also know how easy it would be to avoid these aches and pains altogether with just a few tweaks to our coaching so that our clients didn’t have to spend their own time doing extra mobility work, they could simply do it as part of their normal training.

Because the TRUTH of the matter is, that nobody actually WANTS to have to spend time dealing with their problems. Most of us have got enough of those in our lives already without having to think about yet more!

That’s why, I’ve outlined the 5 steps every sports and fitness coach can take to help our clients completely avoid these aches and pains from developing in the first place – and in doing so, we can change the fate of an entire generation of older people (and every generation after that), helping them to live happier, healthier and more independent lives, so they don’t have to feel like they’re a burden to anyone.

These 5 steps are laid out in my upcoming book “The Coaches Guide to Long-Lasting Injury Prevention Success”, but you can get a sneak peek at the first chapter right now!

Simply register to get your FREE book before anyone else and you’ll get the chance to claim the first chapter right now!

Fitness coaches are on the verge of something truly exciting.

We have the power to change EVERYTHING.

So, let’s do it!

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