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You want outstanding progress for yourself and your sports and fitness clients.

You want it fast.

But there’s one trap that most sports and fitness coaches fall into when it comes to producing these results…

…and that’s getting bogged down in the details.

If you read any book or story about winning against the odds, becoming a revolutionary, or surviving when it looked wholly unlikely, they all have one thing in common.

Doing what felt right to THEM.

All too often, coaches get bogged down in the nitty gritty of what the industry thinks SHOULD be happening in technique, or what the anatomy books say are the reasons for injury, but when it comes to the human body, there’s one thing you can count on with 100% certainty, and that’s despite all our understanding – scientist STILL don’t know:

“what information is being processed, how it is being passed from level to level, what computations are being performed and what this all means for the animal’s behaviour”.

This quote is taken from an article published in “The Biologist” by neuroscientist Kevin Mitchell in 2017.

Since scientists are openly admitting that they still don’t know what’s going on in the brain (and it’s the brain that controls every single function of the body because without brain activity we cannot function enough to sustain life, let alone move) – we cannot say that anything the fitness industry teaches us is true – especially when it comes to “corrections” in technique or what actually causes injury.

And the more detailed we get in our thinking, the less certainty we can have.


Because the smaller the element in the body that we talk about when it comes to movement, the more levels the information has to be passed through, and we just don’t know what that information is.

So when we get to talking about specific muscles being isolated in a particular movement – we have no way of knowing whether that’s actually true or not. All we can say is that the equipment we used to test it is only recording activity in some places.

Or when we say that a specific injury is caused by a specific problem in the body – we cannot say for sure that it’s this problem alone that’s made movement painful.

The only things we can be sure of are the laws of nature that apply to every single living being – without exception, the structure of the human body, and the reality of human behaviour.

Sticking to the WHAT rather than trying to explain the WHY of something happening in the body means we can be far more certain of our interventions.

AND if we add to that the individuality of our clients (what feels right to them), we’ve got a POWERFUL combination that produces results FAST!

Granted, this shift in thinking can be quite a huge one, so that’s why I’m offering my Injury Prevention Fundamentals course for FREE.

Not only do you get head start into this new way of viewing things, but you also get a whole bunch of movements to try out for yourself!

So, if you haven’t grabbed your FREE copy yet, you can grab yours here​

It doesn’t take a science boffin to figure out that the current standard injury prevention systems aren’t working (if they were, nobody would be injured or have recurring injuries).

And we’ve given the standard methods long enough to prove their effectiveness, yet the evidence overwhelmingly proves that injury rates are actually INCREASING.

So, surely it’s time for a different approach?

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