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It seems like everyone and his dog has some sort of fitness certification these days.

If you take a brief look around you, you’ll see really experienced, popular coaches who are all over social media.

You’ll see athletes-turned-coaches who have got their “successful” athlete status to set them apart.

You’ll see coaches who train celebrities.

But what about you?

How do you set yourself apart from every other coach or trainer in your sport?

We all know the standard structure…sport or fitness specific qualifications, strength and conditioning ones, nutrition ones.

And then there’s other ones like sports massage, Yoga, Pilates or smaller ones that certify you to use a specific piece of equipment like a TRX.

And all these are great.

But EVERYONE is doing that.

How do you set yourself apart from them so that you can attract more clients and never have to worry about paying the bills again?

That’s simple.


You see, while everyone else is busy adding more and more “sessions” to their repertoire (which makes their clients spend only the bare minimum of time on the sport they love), YOU can roll all of that other stuff INTO your sessions, which helps your clients spend ALL their time doing the sport they love!

Let’s take “Karen” as an example.

“Karen” is a working Mum of 2 who really wants to complete her first Olympic distance triathlon.

She’s only realistically got time to do about 5 hours a week training and she’s never done triathlon before.

Most coaches would build “Karen’s” training schedule up in a way that suited her, but it would probably end up looking something like:

  • 2-3 runs per week
  • 1-2 swims per week
  • 1 short & 1 long ride per week

just so that she had the endurance to complete the race.

Given that she needs to do all that training, if she then has to try to squeeze in strength training sessions, mobility work/stretching and all the learning, thinking and “doing it right” that goes along with it, she’d either have to cut out some of her swim, bike, run training or, find extra time in her week – which would put more pressure on her family life.

When clients are under pressure like this, they start to go “off-piste” when it comes to their training plans – doing more than they should on rest days to “catch up” and missing key sessions out due to other commitments.

It’s frustrating for coach AND client, because they feel like they’re constantly chasing their tails and trying to manage the situation rather than building momentum – and that’s before we even get to injuries!

But even if we took that same schedule of swim, bike, run training, it’s really easy to build strength training and movement improvement right into those sessions – without having to set aside extra time or have “Karen” feel like she’s doing anything other than swimming, cycling and running!


We activate stealth mode!

We use movement itself to improve technique, muscle function and recruitment, AND recovery, which means we can produce faster, stronger, more mobile clients who recover quicker AND are MUCH less prone to injury.

THAT’S how we stand out, head and shoulders above the crowd.

Because that’s NOT how most coaches are doing it.

Most coaches are piling more and more different elements into their clients’ schedules, which is driving everyone round the twist – but it doesn’t have to be like that!

The SMARTT® Coach Certification programme will show you exactly how to blend injury prevention into standard sports and fitness moves, but it’s not open to everyone.

The next course is starting in April 2020 (date TBC), but it’ll ONLY be open to coaches who have successfully completed the “Injury Prevention Decoded course first.

You see SMARTT® Coaches aren’t just any old coaches, they’re super special.

They stand out.

We take the time and care to develop their learning and application of this revolutionary approach together, so that they stop blending in, showcase their unique skills and start delivering consistently outstanding results for their clients…FAST!

If you haven’t started the “Injury Prevention Decoded” yet, you’ll want to dive in ASAP so that you can be in the running for a very limited place on the SMARTT® Coach Certification course that’s coming soon.

Get instant access to the “Injury Prevention Decoded” video course here

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