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If you’re one of the sports coaches who is genuinely interested in how to help avoid injury, then pay careful attention to this tip if you want to avoid having to learn about anatomy and the complexity of injury.

The point of this tip Is: Don’t Let The Fitness Industry’s Barriers Stop You

A main idea that sports coaches keep overlooking is the fact that the biggest obstacle to sports coaches helping with avoiding injury is the fitness industry itself.

The industry has been built on research (which is good), but the problem with research is that you can only test one or two variables at a time – which means splitting things down into separate areas, like muscle firing patterns, psychology, and much more.

This has resulted in courses being produced for sports and fitness coaches that are also split down into individual areas of speciality, all of which take time, effort and money to complete.

But human beings don’t function that way. They function as whole, living breathing, feeling people who turn up to our sessions in their entirety, every day… often carrying minor aches and pains.

This means that no matter what our level of coaching experience, people carrying low-level or historic aches and pains are in our sessions, whether we like it or not, and if you simply accept that you have to specialise to get involved in preventing injury, your participants’ performance will always be at a huge disadvantage.

Sports coaches need to understand this tip is key because when you understand that preventing injury and improving performance are actually the same thing, you can make your training sessions doubly effective.

My advice at this point is to stop thinking of preventing injury as something separate or extra to your session and start looking for ways to blend it into your training practices.

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Does the industry know it’s not perfect? Absolutely.

Is it trying to find ways to change? Yes.

But you can’t change what you don’t know about!

That’s why we’re creating waves and disrupting the status quo one coach at a time.

Will you be the next one to join us?

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