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We all know it’s coming.

It happens every year.

People are falling over themselves to get fit in January, but by the end of the month, they’ve vanished. Disappeared.

Was it something we said? Or worse…was it something we did?

It’s not very likely it was either of these things, really.

And while there’s no way that sports and fitness coaches can account for every reason why people give up their fitness aspirations by the end of January, there’s one thing that’s GUARANTEED to kill enthusiasm – and that’s pain.

Pain can seem like it comes out of nowhere.

It might be an old injury that flared up, it could be a new one that suddenly appeared, or even a nagging ache that just got worse over time.

It might not even seem like it’s a very big issue, but pain wears clients down.

It makes them angry, impatient and throughly miserable – certainly NOT in the mood to train.

And that’s a problem for you because when they stop training, you stop being paid (plus, you have to go through the hassle of finding a new client).

But what if you could help them avoid pain and keep training – without needing to change how you train them, understand anything about injuries, or find extra time for mobility?

What if you could use simple, every day movements to:

  • reduce the risk of injury (without needing to know anything about them)
  • deliver HUGE results quickly (which is addictive, making them want to train more)
  • add more fun to sessions (even for serious athletes)
  • challenge them to master increasingly complex movements (who doesn’t love a challenge)
  • and MUCH more!

Taking away pain, delivering results quickly and making sessions challenging yet fun are all super easy ways to increase your clients’ motivation to train, meaning that they stick at it longer than just the January boom, and you get paid more consistently throughout the year.

Plus, you’ll have played a starring role in helping them achieve their goals!You can learn how to do all this and much more on the SMARTT® Coach Certification course, so if you’d like to be able to help your clients’ reduce their pain, without spending a fortune or needing a degree in Sports Injury, then check out our programme here.

We’re starting on Friday 3rd January 2020 and places are strictly limited, so don’t wait – check it out now and don’t suffer from the dreaded January drop-off this time!

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