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It’s a word that makes most people groan because nobody likes having to pay out any percentage of their hard earned money – plus, it’s such a complex subject!

But what does that have to do with your clients and their exercise?

And what on earth is an exercise tax?

Honestly, since a quick Google search didn’t reveal any results, it’s not likely that there’s an actual exercise tax, but the idea of there being some kind of penalty for the amount (and type) of exercise we do, highlights an important point when it comes to injuries.

Repeating movements in exactly the same way each time causes a gradual shortening in some muscles, which over time, will change joint positions and result in a sustained lengthening of other muscles.

And it’s this gradual change in joint positions that causes injuries.

So, if repetitive movement is our income. Injury is our tax.

The current standard industry approach to dealing with this injury “penalty” is basically to wait until it happens, which is the same as a self-employed coach simply waiting until the tax bill lands before figuring out how they might pay for it.

At this point, the coach may, or may not, have the means to pay for it – and in the same way, when injury strikes, our clients may get back to training quickly, or, if it’s a severe injury, they may not get back to training for months (or even years).

Some coaches are starting to include some types of mobility such as foam rolling inside of their sessions, or asking their clients to go to extra classes such as Yoga, which is kind of the same as the coach having to think about putting a little money aside for their tax as they earn it.

Sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes it’s enough, sometimes it’s not.

But the SMARTT® Methods are the injury equivalent of exploiting all the tax loopholes (so you don’t have to pay as much tax in the first place) AND saving more than enough for future bills (so you don’t get stung with a surprise increase).

And the best bit, is that it’s all automated!

Which means that you can make sure that your clients are avoiding injury, moving better and getting stronger, without having to change what you’re coaching!

No more watching as your clients roll around on a foam roller (which they hate paying you to watch them do, by the way).

No more having to schedule in extra sessions such as Yoga (which probably needs someone else to teach them).

And no more putting your training sessions on hold while your clients recover from injury (which always affects your income).

Just plain old “get on with it” coaching, without the risk or the hassle of injury!

Exactly how we put this into practice is one of the things you’ll learn in detail on the SMARTT® Coach Certification course.

You get to see the principles behind the SMARTT® Methods, explained through your personal teaching examples so that you can start putting things into practice immediately AND learn how to develop endless examples for yourself!

Only open 3 times a year, the SMARTT® Coach Certification is a mighty exclusive course that packs a powerful punch to your coaching – not mention helping you get rid of your own injury issues in the process!

And that means that it’s not open to everyone.


Because the SMARTT® Methods come from a very different approach and that means that they’re not to everyone’s liking.

And the last thing anyone needs is to pay for yet another coaching qualification only to be disappointed.

That’s why personal invitations to the SMARTT® Coach Certification course are only given to those who have successfully completed the Injury Prevention Decoded course first.

So, if you want to take your coaching to the next level, keep you clients from getting injured and breathe new life into areas of your sessions that have got a bit stale, then you’ll have to be quick.

The next SMARTT® Coach Certification is starting on Friday 24th April (that’s next week), so if you want to be invited, grab the Injury Prevention Decoded course right now and get cracking!

Oh, and to make sure you’re familiar with using the tech in time for the LIVE SMARTT® Coach Certification course, I’ll even throw in the “Quick & Easy Online Fitness Coaching Secrets” course for FREE too!

So go ahead, grab the Injury Prevention Decoded course now and dive right in!

It could be just what you need right now!

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