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If you’re serious about wanting to understand injuries, then this injury prevention tip holds the keys you need to succeed.

The Bottom Line Here Is: Injuries Are Nothing More Than Emotional And Physical Stress

The key idea for you with this is that the industry likes to make injuries seem complicated so they can charge a fortune for learning about them.

But the truth is… if you don’t know any different, you’ll have to follow the elitist path the big education corporations have created if you want to help your people with their existing injury problems.

Wannabe injury hackers need to understand this tip spells the difference between success and failure because injuries aren’t as complicated as they want you to believe – especially when it comes to what you can do as a coach to help your people with their existing pain.

So the thing for you to do here is to forget about the names of the injury complaints, there’s nothing you can do to help with those. Instead, focus on the two leading causes of injury, which are emotional and physical stress – then there’s loads you can do to help, without getting bogged down in the technicalities of anatomy.

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