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It’s at this point of the year that many people will be vowing to be better – in many different areas of their lives, but most will fail before the end of the month.


Because they only focus on the outcome and not the actions they need to take to get them towards their goals.

Let’s take coaching for example.

Let’s say that it’s your goal to get 10 more paying clients by the end of the month.

Nice aim, but having that goal on its own isn’t enough…exactly HOW are you going to achieve that?

Will you say “I’m ready for 10 more clients” out loud every morning and expect them to appear?

Will you bring every conversation round to the fact that you’re looking for new clients?

Of course not (at least I’d hope not)!

Just like your fitness coaching always starts with your clients’ fitness goals and your programming provides the steps for them to achieve those goals, YOUR goals need action steps too.

So how DO you get 10 more paying clients by the end of the month?

Firstly, put yourself to one side.

Contrary to popular belief, drawing clients to you and getting them ready to pay you isn’t about how you bundle your training packages, what fancy bits of kit you have or even how much of a technical expert you are.

In fact, it isn’t about you at all.

All those things will help, in time…but not right up front.


Because your potential clients aren’t thinking about you – they’re thinking about themselves.

They want to know what THEY will get out of training with you – but that doesn’t mean that you need to impress them with your amazing knowledge, or dazzle them with new toys (that’s what all the other coaches are trying to do).

Nope. You’re better than that.

All it takes to draw people towards you is to show them that you care about THEM.

So while other coaches are busy blinding their potential clients with science and/or technical jargon, flashing their own buff body to demonstrate the amazing results they can achieve, or waving their latest gadget under their prospects’ noses, YOU can simply make them feel amazing, and win their business every time.


1.You notice the small clues that indicate bigger issues

When your potential client mentions sitting at a desk all day and a preference for weightlifting style exercise (like squats & deadlifts), you recognise that these are likely indicators of tight hip flexors, which contribute to lower back pain. So when you ask if they struggle with any kind of lower back pain, your prospective client immediately recognises that you: a) know your stuff and b) understand them – and that’s powerful

2.You make it easy for them

Other coaches will focus on what their potential clients NEED, which usually means tedious drills/mobility/repetition – and actually dampens their clients’ enthusiasm, at the point when they are MOST enthusiastic (the beginning)! So while they faff about with all that, YOU don’t have to – but you can still give your clients what they need. Can you imagine how your potential clients will feel when you mention that everything you do focuses on addressing their issues, WITHOUT all that faff?

You see, with just these two changes, you’re already demonstrating your knowledge, but more importantly, you’re focusing all your attention on making them feel special – which demonstrates that you truly care about them achieving their results and understand their struggles along the way.

Now buff bodies, technical jargon and fancy gadgets don’t seem so important do they?

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