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Are You Ready to Give Up on Paying Clients? Hey, I’m Sarah from mostmotion® and I’m here with another video for every sports and fitness coach who is trying to get their clients the best results possible in the shortest amount of time with as little obstacles as possible. So are you ready to give up on your paying clients? What do I mean? Well, coaches spend an awful lot of time in their business doing one of two things, either coaching their existing clients, or they’re trying to get new clients to come on board with them. And it’s part of the process. Hey Chris. So if you’re training clients, there’s going to be some inevitable drop-off and that’s why you need to keep the, the feed if you like of new clients coming in. But there are two factors that are going to absolutely sabotage your business and force you to stay on that treadmill of trying to get new clients.

So what are they? Pain and Finances. Now, it’s not really within your control if your client loses their job, for example, but pain is one of the things that will absolutely sabotage your business and influence your client’s ability to pay you. So how does it do that? Well, if your client’s in pain, they’re not going to want to train, or they might not be able to train with you, which directly impacts their training. But if they have low levels of pain that can influence their training on ways that you might not have considered. Now pain, even when it’s really, really low level will wear you down, it will make you irritable. It will stop you sleeping properly, and that will influence the motivation of your client to train in the first place. And that’s not to mention the financial impact it will have on them too.

They might have to take days off work. They might need to pay for treatment sessions. They might need to pay for pain management in some other way or injury management sessions. And when clients are having to choose between paying for their injury management or paying to train with you, then oftentimes that’s when you will lose out. But if they feel like they can’t train, or they don’t want to train, or they can’t afford to train, then you lose out because you need to find a new client, replace them. So essentially when your clients do end up with pain, you either have to refer them, which means that you lose out for a little while at least, while they go and deal with that pain, or you try and create a training plan that avoids irritating it. Hey Carole. So that means that they stagnate in their results.

And that will only be palatable to them for a very short space of time. Nobody likes feeling like they’re not really getting anywhere so that can help your clients drop off as well. So what can you do about it as a coach? Well, the industry standard is to include mobility or flexibility or something like that into your sessions. But the problem with the industry standard stuff is it’s either too generic, which means that it’s you’re trying to cover the whole of the body all at once because you know, you feel like you need to, or it takes too long to do, because covering the whole body does take a long time. Or, your clients have to stop their training, you have to stop their training session to be able to do it. So things like foam rolling and stretching and things like that, all involve your clients, stopping, doing what they love doing.

And that is a barrier to them wanting to do it. So I created a system that allows coaches to blend injury prevention into what they’re already coaching. So you don’t have to spend time, separate time on mobility. You don’t have to stop the training, and that helps the clients to stay on board. It helps them to avoid the pain and the frustration and the cost of that pain to them. And that means they can keep training with you and you don’t have to find a new client to replace them, which helps you get off that treadmill of having to spend all that time and effort, trying to find new clients. So I call this system the SMARTT® Methods, and you can see the SMARTT® methods in action with my Tight Hips Eliminator Power Sequence video. It’s completely free, and I’ll even explain to you what’s happening as we go through this unique five-minute sequence. All you need to do is click the link in the description and it will take you, you grab the video, watch it, and then I will explain everything to you. So thanks for watching. I’ll see you over there.

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