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This is it.

This is your prime time.

Right now, the opportunities available to you as a fitness coach are HUGE – but I don’t just mean online training (although that in itself is massive). I mean the more subtle, underlying problems that the pandemic has created.

THESE are your biggest opportunities.


Because nobody else is doing it!

Let’s face it, most online fitness coaches are focusing on the technical aspects of training – either the sport (or area of fitness), nutrition, mindset or some other component that makes up being “fit”.

But if you look just a tiny bit closer, you’ll see what nobody else is seeing.

What do I mean?

Here’s 3 ways fitness coaches are uniquely poised to help with the issues that the coronavirus pandemic has created:

Opportunity #1: Mental Health

The reaction of governments worldwide to this pandemic has created MASSIVE mental health issues, from the loneliness of isolation during lockdown and the ongoing restrictions to the anxiety about money and the uncertainty of employment or business survival.

You might not know it, but each of these groups of people is a potential target audience for you and your services.

And while that might sound crass to some, you know full well how fitness can literally be a lifesaving activity for those suffering with these issues.

For example, how could you help owners of your local pubs, bars and restaurants right now?

Many of them will be struggling with unbelievable anxiety about paying the bills, losing their staff and even losing the business altogether.

But you know that fitness can help, so you could start a free, socially distanced beginners running club exclusively for local business owners. They would get to release some pent up anxiety and realise that they’re not on their own. They would benefit in many different ways from this (even connecting with other local business owners – and who knows what awesomeness THAT might bring!) and you then have a pool of potential customers for more individualised training.

But it doesn’t have to be local business owners. 

It could be recently separated parents, or young people who feel forgotten, or even older folks who’ve become scared to go out.

Just scratch the surface and you’re in a whole treasure trove of opportunities.

Opportunity #2: Long COVID

It has emerged recently that COVID-19 is having a much longer lasting impact on some folks than expected. They’re left with breathing difficulites and barely enough energy to get out of bed in some cases – this is what they’re calling Long COVID.

Again, this is a brilliant opportunity for you because your knowhow and skills can play a HUGE role in helping sufferers.

COVID-19 is a lung condition. At its peak it attacks the lungs, causing untold damage inside, one of the main symptoms of this particular disease is coughing.

That means repeated and prolonged bouts of powerful contractions of the muscles in and around the rib cage.

The medical profession are, quite rightly focused on helping the body fight the infection, but there’s a growing number of patients who are suffering from prolonged breathing problems, in part due to the shortening of the muscle tissue and the resulting inability of the rib cage to move, which limits how much the lungs can fill with air – making it hard to breathe deeply.

But as fitness coaches, we know all about shortened muscle tissue and getting the body moving (including the rib cage) – and if you don’t, here’s 5 videos you can use to help

You can use your skills to make HUGE differences to these people’s lives.

Opportunity #3: Chronic and Gradual Onset Pain

This is by far the biggest opportunity available to fitness coaches right now.

The winter season is coming and COVID cases are rising, which means that the NHS will be stretched all over again. They’ve only just started working through the backlog of patients they had to postpone during the last wave of the pandemic, and this means that there’s less time for non-urgent problems.

If we add to this all the extra social distancing and cleaning regulations put on the therapy industry (which means less appointments) and the increase in sport related injuries/pains during the last lockdown (as people played with their kids more, joined in PE with Joe or simply made the most of the chance to get back into exercise), there’s a MASSIVE need for help in this area.

Oh, and that’s not to mention the opportunity available to you to help prevent these small nagging problems happening in the first place (as there’s not really anywhere for folks to go to get treatment).

Over the last 30 years of being in the fitness industry, and the more than half of that time dedicated to understanding, treating, coaching folks with and struggling with my own, injuries, there’s one thing I’ve come to recognise.

It’s that all non-collision, gradual onset pains and injuries stem from a simple inability for joints to move without restriction.

And keeping people moving is something that us fitness coaches are REALLY GOOD AT!

Can you imagine how easily you’d stand out from the sea of other coaches in your niche if you could layer on injury prevention to your skills?

If you could show your existing and potential clients that you care enough about them to focus your efforts on actively helping them AVOID injury?

And I’m not talking about by adding copious amounts of foam rolling, stretching or even Yoga to their already busy lives either!

This is such a huge opportunity for you that I couldn’t possibly explain it all right now. That’s why I’ve put together my FREE 100 page book called “The Coaches Guide to Long-Term Injury Prevention Success” so you can see exactly how, using your existing coaching skills and session structure you can supercharge your coaching skills, get faster, more effective results AND become indispensable to a multitude of different professionals around you, which will future-proof your business.

So, while other coaches are throwing in the towel because their venue has closed, or fighting the masses trying to get online, YOU can rise above them all and live your true potential to those who are most in need right now.

Will you grab one of these opportunities?

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