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If you’re one of those sports or fitness coaches who is excited to help participants feel great, then this mental & physical health question holds the keys you need.

The big idea here is that Most Coaches Focus On The Wrong Question

This means that they’re asking “how can I fit more stuff into my sessions?”, rather than asking “what ONE element can I focus on that covers more stuff in one go?”.

So, here’s what this really means: changing your thinking allows you to make improvements across the board when it comes to mental & physical health – without having to waste training time on each individual thing.

Sports and fitness coaches need to understand that asking this question is key because participants don’t WANT to spend time on every tiny little detail, they want you to deliver as much bang for their buck as possible, in the shortest time possible.

So now the thing for you to do is to make a list of all the aspects of health and fitness you want to cover and see how many of them are covered by what you coach.

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