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This quote is by Donald Caine, from a website of quotes I found.

Donald Caine is a Canadian Neurologist and leading Parkinson’s disease researcher who demonstrated that damage in the brain occurs long before physical symptoms of Parkinson’s appear and was the first to show how to use synthetic hormones to treat it.

The big idea here is if we want to create changes in human behaviour, we need to first deal with the emotional barriers that are creating resistance.

Here’s how this applies to us as fitness coaches and mobility motivation:

* Movement improvement takes time and effort

* Using reasoning or logical arguments to try to convince clients to do it won’t work

* Change feels like too much work

* Movement improvement isn’t as fun as training

So, if we want to help our clients move better and take the action necessary to do it we have to:

1. Walk them through small changes at first

2. Make it as easy as possible for them to achieve this small change

3. Make it fun or seem like part of their regular training

Motivating clients to focus more on their movement improvement is something a lot of fitness coaches struggle with, that’s why I revealed my top 5 reasons clients DON’T want to do mobility work in my video “How Do I Get Clients to Take Mobility Seriously?” make sure you go and check it out because it makes it easy for you to convince clients to do mobility without getting into long-winded explanations or hitting a wall of resistance every time you raise the subject!

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